When to Drink Haitian Kremas (Hint: Holidays)

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Now that you know what a Haitian Kremas is, you must be wondering when the right time or the occasion is to gulp down this delicious beverage. Cremas (also spelled as Kremas) is a celebratory drink for the people of Haiti. Haitians are big on celebrations; be it their festivals, carnivals, just some get together or laid-back time with their friends or family. Every Haitian knows they are going to be served this drink when they are at a gathering or a festival; that’s how important this drink is!

Haiti has a vast and diverse cultural heritage and there are many traditions, rituals, and celebrations that go throughout the year. With Cremas in one hand and friends and family around, they do have a good time, be it any celebration. When we talk about Haiti, there is one thing to know about it. There are many festivals and cultural events that take place throughout the year, so there is no shortage of occasions to drink Haitian Cremas and have a good time! And if you’re looking for where to buy Haitian Kremas, Saveurs Lakay has a list of locations available.

There are many celebrations which take place in Haiti throughout the year whether it’s to celebrate music, film, or jazz. Haiti is blessed with the best fusion of Afro-Carribean culture, and if you are a tourist visiting this beautiful little country, you will be surprised and amazed by its cultural flair, great festivities, amazing cuisine and much more. These festivals, carnivals and celebrations are what gives Haiti its cultural identity and provide an interesting insight into the lives of Haitian people.

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Some festivals/celebrations that Haiti is known worldwide for are

⦁ New Year’s Day/ Independence Day

Haiti has a special reason to celebrate the New Year more than others. You ask why? Well, January 1 is the day when the people of Haiti gained freedom from France after more than three hundred years of colonization.

You would see beautiful amalgamation of people, celebrating, enjoying drinking and eating throughout this day. People also east a special squash soup, which symbolizes liberty and equality for all the Haitian citizens.

⦁ Ancestry Day

This day celebrates the sacrifice of the Haitian forefathers who lost their lives while trying to gain independence from France. There are many military processions and public gatherings on this day.

⦁ Haitian Carnival

It is one of the biggest celebrations for the people of Haiti and goes on for several weeks at a stretch. It is one of the most colorful, extravagant and electrifying fest that happens in a calendar year for the Haitians. These celebrations are usually funded by the Haitian government, wealthy business families and politicians.

⦁ Rara

If you are a music buff, this might be the most epic festival for you. The celebrations include a series of music festivals where various traditional Haitian instruments are used such as drums, bells, maracas and bamboo trumpets amongst other instruments.

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These songs and celebration are usually done to highlight social injustice, opression and poverty, so that more people are aware about it and find ways to come out of these difficult situations.

⦁ Le Festival du Rhum Haiti

This festival is inspired by the famous Paris Rum fest and festival of Cane, Martinique. This festival is a celebration of all the alcoholic beverages from the nation of Haiti. This festival is not too old, just started in 2014, but is quite popular among the Haitians.

⦁ Carifesta

One of the most fun celebration/festival for the people of Haiti, Carifesta is all about the wonderful fusion of Carribean music, art and dance. This event is incredibly fun and enjoyable, and you better get your dancing shoes on and practice them moves, as this festival lasts several weeks.

There are many festivals such as these to enjoy your Haitian Kremas. As stated on Food Searches, the Haitian Kremas drink is suited to all the functions and celebrations. It is a mixed drink which is also served at birthdays, weddings and during the holiday season. You can drink it solo, or have a sweet pastry too with it, which most people prefer to do. The drink is made with coconut milk, sweet, condensed milk, lime or lemon zest, rum and spices such as vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and other ingredients. This drink has a creamy texture or has a consistency of a thick syrup.

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