Social Media Monitoring and how it is done in NetbaseQuid.

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Social media monitoring is the practice of using a Social Media Monitoring tools to gather relevant information across the internet domain. It involves accessing millions of traditional sites as well as social media platforms.

In most circumstances, social media monitoring has its workings closely related with key opinion leader, social media intelligence and social media listening. Although these terms are often used hand in hand, they actually have different meanings.

Social media listening involves the act of revealing consumer insights that form an integral part in formulating a brand strategy. This aids a company, business owner, or any organization interested in getting a comprehensive feedback from their customers by being aware of their emotions and knowing more about what the consumer wants in order to deliver a more effective brand.

Social media intelligence on the other hand is a general term used to refer to several fields of social analytics. These include social media listening and social media monitoring. It symbolizes a combination of the data that all these other social media tools represent.

Social media monitoring is a continuous process in a key opinion leader. While Social media listening comprises of building a platform for what your audience relates to, Social media monitoring and key opinion leader are about the maintenance of that platform.

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About NetbaseQuid

NetbaseQuid is a Social media networking company built to provide its clients with market and customer intelligence for their enterprises. Another thing to note about NetbaseQuid is that it provides an AI-driven social media monitoring platform that is used with other social analytics components to provide a comprehensive feedback for their clients’ brand.

Choosing a Social Media Monitoring tool

There are several software tools in the internet that you can use. It is true that some of them are provided freely but to get the most effective service. More often than not, you have to pay for it, just like key opinion leaders. The question is what the best software to use is. The following factors are key in assisting anyone out there looking for a software monitoring tool.

The first one is accuracy and speed. Social data should be as precise as possible, otherwise it is meaningless. The software needs algorithms and queries that can analyze data in posts and images in a fraction of a second.

Artificial intelligence analytics technology is in the forefront in ensuring that your social data engine runs with optimum levels because clients do not need to waste time on data that takes a lot of time to be processed or when coming up with incorrect results.

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The second factor is integration. Make sure that you find a software monitoring tool that is compatible with the software you already use to do other related activities like social media listening.

Thirdly, commitment to innovation is key. Tool providers need to update their software regularly as the technological world is always changing. For instance, Instagram made application programming interface changes to their platform recently.

Last but not least in our things-to-consider for discussion is industry. By industry, we are basically talking about the company’s reputation. Nowadays, legitimate products, especially those posted on the internet, receive at least one if not many positive reviews from satisfied customers. Why rush? If you are shopping for software monitoring tools, take your time on websites such as G5, Forrester and TrustRadius to find out more information.

Some of the best monitoring tools available in the market

Candidly, the best tool to use largely depends on what you intend to use it for. The industry is always bringing forth newer and better tools. Moreover, there are many different types of tools available already including basic tools, research tools, engagement tools and enterprise tools.

If you are a beginner and you are interested in free social media tools, you can try Hootsuite, TweetReach, Buzzsumo, Twazzup, Mention and Twitonomy. On the other hand, enterprise tools like Brandwatch will give you a more in-depth analysis and functionality depending on your needs.

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In conclusion, social media monitoring is an easy way to get news about you and your company, generate customized reports, and even receive real-time e-mail alerts. With this information, you can then formulate strategies to help your business grow.

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