4 Things that make Facebook ads work for businesses in 2021

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The way businesses advertise their products and services has changed dramatically in the past decade. It has taken a massive leap from print to the Internet. There has been a significant transition even in the online realm.

The promotional campaigns from emails and websites have now moved on to social media. Beginning with Facebook, many players have come to the battlefield of digital marketing. However, despite all the disruptions and changes currently taking place, Facebook ads and Facebook advertising services by Impressive Digital are still relevant.

Without a shred of doubt, Facebook ads are a prevalent choice of marketers whether it is about local marketing or global promotions. Following statistics interestingly brings the power of Facebook in taking your business promotions up a notch.

  • Out of all the social media platforms, Facebook dominates the 25-54 demographics worldwide.
  • Even during the anxiety and skepticism of COVID, Facebook ads over $31 revenue and grew by 4.9%
  • 26% of Facebook users buy a service or product after they come across a Facebook as and click on it.

Facebook provides you with a wide assortment of advertisement formats. You can play around with videos, photos, carousals, stories, slideshows, collections, messenger, and payables to implement your strategy effectively. While other platforms are creating a buzz these days, the following pointers prove that Facebook has still not lost its charm when it comes to advertising and promotions.

  • Targeting precision
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One of the strongest features of Facebook advertising that makes it a preferred marketing platform is its ability to target specific demographics with utmost precision. While Google allows keywords to target your audience,

Facebook allows creating the entire persona of your potential buyer to target accurately. You can specify the location, gender, age, interest, and much more to specify who sees your ad. As you work on Facebook ads and get to use its features, you can gain a knack for defining the target persona and be more accurate.

  • Optimum use of advanced options

Facebook has been around for quite some time now and it is probably the most matured social media marketing tool that is used today. With experience and seasoned understand, Facebook offers numerous advanced ads options to support and boost your ad campaigns.

Apart from various ad formats, you can use options like follower polls, boosted posts, contact forms, adaptive videos, and interactive Canvas ads, etc. Facebook always has something to offer your brand and promotions.

  • Utilization of influencer marketing

If there’s anything that has not changed over decades about marketing is that users across the world still look up to their trusted celebrities to make their buying decisions. Since 2017, a new section of celebrities has emerged which presently is considered the most dominant section for marketing and that is social media influencers.

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In today’s times, Facebook is only the second platform that allows you this kind of marketing and harnesses the power of influencers to boost your business.

  • Building and engaging communities

The most loyal customers become a part of a community and also come from a common community. Facebook is an excellent way to target these groups of potential customers. It allows you to stay abreast with the latest trends, inclinations, and queries of people that help in optimizing your campaigns. You can easily build a following and garner real-time feedback to deliver the best to your target audience.

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