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It’s not surprising how people are finding new means to meet new people. Over the centuries, dating services has drastically changed from old fashioned newspaper ads & magazines to telephonic set ups to the web and later to widely used apps. Technology and social media have transformed the dating industry and shaped the way how, when and who we connect with. Today, online dating portals are on the up rise, with now over 1500 dating apps and websites making their way in the match making business.

One of the most popular dating app to have surfaced in the online dating arena is Tinder. With more 57 million users, 15 million matches and over 800 million swipes generated on tinder, it is on the rise to increase romantic connection all over the world. Tinder platform is valuable to its users in terms of affordability, localized matches, instantaneous and provides a safer way to meet potential connections with the help of tinder’s match making filters. Tinder is not only great for personal connections but recently have gained significant attention in the business world. Its customer centric platform offers business with vital database, networks, credibility, and advertising opportunities to connect with a large customer base.

With more than 40 languages and now available to over 190+ countries, Tinder is becoming one of the most valuable social networking site. If you’re on the look out to join the Tinder to enhance your personal connections or reach business motives; then creating a tinder profile is vital. However, many are concerned about using their real number for registration due to privacy or stigma factors. Worry not, there are easy ways to avoid using your real phone number when creating your tinder profile. Let’s drive right into how to get tinder account, use of tinder, the tinder features and how to create your tinder account without a phone number.

Tinder and its features

Tinder is one of the most popular dating app that connects users based on their location along with other filters such as age, gender, preferences, interests, distance and mutual friends. This gives people a wider range of dating options especially if someone lives in a big city. Tinder’s swipe feature is what gives Tinder the A factor. The Swipe feature is to like or pass someone and is key in finding the right match. When tinder finds a successful match, it alerts the users and unlock the chat option. Users can then message each other via private chats and get to know each other better. here you can also read about how to get onlyfans hack account for free.

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Before getting into creating a tinder account, here are some features of Tinder that you won’t want to miss out.

Tinder Features

  1. Swipe feature

The tinder swipe is one of the most important feature on the platform. Swipe right indicates that that a user likes a specific profile whereas the swipe left means otherwise. Tinder maintain the privacy of its swipes and won’t show the public on whom you swiped. Only display the profiles that swiped right on your profile. Swiping right too much can change the algorithm on tinder and minimizes the chances of showing your profile to other people.

  • Tinder Profile

The primary focus on Tinder is the profile; photos, name, age, bio and distance are important to set a good first impression and help to make connections in a matter of seconds. Pick the right photos for your profile with the help of Tinder smart photo feature. Tinder will select the top 3 images based on the number of swipe rights. If you want to edit your profile, head to the profile icon and click on the edit info option.

  • Tinder Match

Tinder match feature connect users when they like or swipe right on each other’s profile. Tinder sends a notification to alert the users. Successfully matched profiles can chat with each other to build a connection.

  • Tinder Chat

Once tinder finds the right match based on the swipe right feature and other matching criteria; tinder will unlock the chat icon where the users can chat with each other. Simply tap on the chat icon, to see a list of chats to start conversation with.

  • Tinder Discovery
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Tinder main page shows all the potential matches to swipe. The Discover section will display the potential profiles based on the filters that fits your profile.

  • Tinder Search

Tinder search is much similar to the tinder discover feature. You can search for a specific profile that shows up on your discovery page based on the match filters. To search, simply go to the tinder chat icon, press on the screen and slide downwards. You will see a search bar at the top, type the person’s name and you’ll find them.

  • Tinder Filters

Like all dating apps tinder uses filters to determine the perfect match. Basic filters such as location, distance, age and gender will help tinder understand the type of people you are interested in and how to connect its users. To set the filters, navigate to settings in your profile and click on discovery settings.

  • Connect via Facebook, Instagram or Spotify

Tinder allows users to connect to their profile with their Facebook account. This is an easier way to update your profile, and find matches based on mutual friends on Facebook, common interest or pages liked on Facebook. Tinder even connects your Spotify or Instagram accounts to help connect better with your potential matches.

How to create Tinder account with using your phone number?

Many dating apps have made phone verification an important step when creating an account. This reduces the chances of getting invaded by fake profiles, dating bots, scammers.

If you’re new to tinder, setting a tinder profile requires you to verify your account using a phone number. However, if you are worried about your own privacy or the stigma surrounded around tinder, then using your real number is not recommended. Although you cannot skip the verification process; there other options to create your account with actually using your real phone number.

Option 1: Use second phone number or fake phone number

Use a second phone number or temporary phone number when creating a tinder profile. This is effective not only for tinder verification but other factors like protecting your privacy & identity, when creating different accounts, calling and texting other people you are not sure about, avoiding spam calls, etc.

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Option 2: Use second phone number app

Another simpler alternative to not using your real number when creating your tinder account is to take help of a second phone number app to receive a verification code. There are many services in the market such as PingMe. The PingMe app sends more than one verification code. Create an account on PingMe, select the app or website from where you need to get the code, select the region and the phone number. Once completed, the app will generate a new phone number for you to receive a code from. Simply enter that new number into the tinder app to receive the code. The code will get generated in the empty text field on the PingMe app. If you want to want to get another new phone number, repeat the process again. This a paid service, you need to make sure you have sufficient credit to use the app.

Option 3: Use Google voice number

Google voice is an internet based telecommunication service that allows users to receive texts and calls. These are basically virtual numbers that forwards different calls and SMS to your actual phone number. It is easy to use and you can access your calls and texts no matter where you are via any device.

To get a virtual number, download the google voice app, connect you real phone number and select a specific Google phone number. You can use google voice number when creating a tinder profile, this is an easy way to avoid having to use your real number in the first place.

 If you’re looking for bulk verified google voice number, then PVA E Shop offers one of the best package at an affordable price.

By using a fake number, you can avoid having to share your real number for tinder verification, avoiding getting spammed by various telemarketers or other third parties, or even identity theft.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it possible to open a tinder without a verification code?

Tinder has made it necessary to verify your account using a SMS verification code. Although it is not possible to create an account without providing a code, there are other alternatives to avoid using your real number such as using a temporary number, through a secondary phone number app or with the help of virtual number to receive the verification code.

  • Will my number appear on the tinder profile?

No, don’t worry your number will not appear on your tinder profile unless you choose to display it otherwise. However due to privacy concerns, avoiding spam calls from telemarketers or even identity theft, it is recommended to not use your real phone number.

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