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You have planned it efficiently that when Calvin will be taking bath you will just unlock his mobile and have a glance on the social media apps, gallery, and messaging so you know he is not engaging in some weird social groups or befriending strange people. In front of you is a password pattern or pin code; you have tried every pattern or number you think of, being his mother keeping his inclinations in your mind, but no luck. After so much trying the phone is completely locked and to your shock, Calvin has also entered the room seeing you with his phone and knowing what you were up to but failed. So, you lost your trust and what you gain in return is nothing as you were not able to even crack the mobile phone password. This is the common scenario that happens in our life when we try to spy on something or someone without getting properly equipped. If you have also faced this then let me help you with something so amazing that it will give you access to all the things without getting your hands dirty. Let me introduce you to the real game-changer spy application that you badly need.

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Gives You Access to Contacts

OgyMogy application also gives you complete access of your child contact list. In case of any emergency, you can easily contact his friends or college peers as you have the access to their contact numbers. Moreover, it gives you an idea that what type of people your kid is more in contact with.

OgyMogy Screen records The Target Device Whatsapp

Another radical feature of the OgyMogy application is its hacking Whatsapp ability. Yes, you heard me right OgyMogy gives you complete access to target Whatsapp messenger tracking all the ingoing and outgoing text messages, audio messages, and video messages. Just imagine that you can have complete control of one of the main mediums of communication that your child is using excessively. How much it can be helpful for you in monitoring your child and his activities. Is not this amazing app the game changer?

YouTube Screen Recording

The good news here is that the OgyMogy parental control application has a groundbreaking feature of you tube screen recording too. With this feature, all the recordings of the target device you tube will appear on your dashboard. This feature will help you save your child from getting addicted to online gaming, pornography, or watching any explicit content that he/she should not engage with. Besides, it can give you an idea about the type of content your child likes to watch or in other words can help you explore his interests.

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Track Location

One of the biggest features of the OgyMogy application is that it accurately tracks the location of the target device keeping you updated about their movement and arrival. When it comes to college tours, friends gathering or camping tours this amazing feature can be the game-changer as you can easily monitor your kid through geo tagging and location tracking.

Show Installed Apps List

OgyMogy application also grants you access to all the applications installed in the target device. You can easily monitor the time your child spends on using these apps. For instance, your child has installed Whatsapp and Facebook both but is using Whatsapp way more than Facebook or any other social networking medium. Knowing this will help you to monitor apps of frequent usage more than other apps and taking necessary actions when required.

Grant Access to All Ingoing and Outgoing Messages

You can also monitor all the ingoing and outgoing messages of the target device either in text form, audio form, or video form. All these messages appear on your dashboard. Merely access to the ingoing and outgoing messages can help you a lot in tracking and monitoring your kids’ activities. It gives you an upper hand and let you know about things before their happening.

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Things are not that difficult as we presume them to be. This notion will also come true for you if you give this amazing OgyMogy spy application a chance. Once installed and connected to android devices, laptops, and computers will give you the upper hand on things. After using it you yourself will admit that indeed OgyMogy spy application is the real game-changer.

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