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With millions of users worldwide, there are, of course, some accounts that have more followers than others. These are typically the accounts of movie and music stars, as well as stars of sport. For these individuals, it is much easier to grow a large online following than what it is for individual users or small businesses. For these accounts, there are automation tools and organic growth services, such as the ones provided by However, do bear in mind that it is highly unlikely that even with the use of such a service that you will ever reach the same amount of followers as what some of the biggest stars on the platform have.

Cristiano Ronaldo

World soccer icon Cristiano Ronaldo currently has 241 million followers on Instagram, making him the most followed person on the platform. The 35-year-old athlete shot to fame when being signed for by Manchester United. He then went on to play for the Spanish team Real Madrid, before then moving to Juventus in Italy. During his illustrious career, he has won countless trophies and awards, including the Ballon d’Or and the UEFA Champions League.

Dwayne Johnson (A. K. A. The Rock)

Boasting as many as 201 million followers, Dwayne Johnson has developed somewhat of a cult following on the platform. Previously known for a highly successful wrestling career in the WWE, The Rock has gone on to forge a career in Hollywood movies, quickly becoming the go to guy for macho action characters. His followers love to see him working out in the gym, as well as seeing behind the scenes of his home life with his family.

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Selena Gomez

The 28-year-old singer, music producer, and actress has 194 million followers on Instagram, putting her in the top three female users on the platform. As well as posting about her life and her music, she has also become popular for backing the recent Black Lives Matter (BLM) campaign. She is the face of a number of high profile brands, including the sportswear Puma, which has helped to boost her online profile even further.

Beyoncé Knowles

The former member of female supergroup Destiny’s Child and wife of rap super star Jay Z, Beyoncé Knowles has become a favorite on Instagram with more than 155 million followers. The 39 African American posts regularly and has teamed up with a number of brands, including sportswear giants Adidas, in order to further widen her audience. Husband Jay Z regularly pops up in her posts too, which is likely to be another reason why the singer is so popular online.

Justin Bieber

Attributing his fame to his strong online presence, the 26-year-old Canadian singer has 150 million followers that are dubbed “beliebers”. During his music career, there have been countless number 1 hit, chart records set, and music awards won for the singer-songwriter.

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