How To Create Amazing Social Media Party Invites?

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Gone are the days when you used to get paper made cute party invitations. No doubt, it was dazzling and made all of us anxious for the upcoming meet. Just like other aspects of our lives, social media has made a huge impact on party invitations as well. If you invite your friend or family, now-a-day, for a birthday party, or for a cocktail evening, you will most probably use social media.

Nonetheless, there are a number of flaws in the digital cards like lack of proper wordings in the description, bolding irrelevant details, text and emoji mixed names and so on. Unfortunately, we can’t go back to those paper-based invites, and phone calls and texts are a too intimate way for inviting a number of people at once. So, the social media-based invitation is the best way out.

There are a number of online invitation makers that allow you to create a compelling invitation using text, videos and images. You can either download them or can share them directly on social media. Here is a list of a few of the platforms that you can use to make compelling social media party invites.

  1. Greetings Island: It offers one of the most fluid layouts for designing social media invitations. Greeting Island has more than 50 free templates for various occasions to choose out from. There is a paid version of the software as well that costs around $3/month. You can get watermark free cards after paying for the subscription.
  2. Paperless Post: Whether you plan a baby shower, virtual parties or kid’s birthday, Paperless Post has a number of templates for every occasion. It has a very unique kind of pricing model based on Paperless Post coins. The cost of cards increases as your guest list increases. Plus, you will get 25 free coins at the time of initial sign up.  
  3. Evite: It offers two different types of templates: free and premium. When it comes to customizations, Evite is the most flexible platform of all that is mentioned in the list. Evite also has a dedicated mobile app and you can use pro features as a trial for 14-days.
  4. Some important factors to carter to while planning your social media invites:
  • Be crisp about what attendees should expect:
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No one wants to be half sure, neither you nor anyone else. So before sending the invites, plan each and every detail like venue, timings, themes, and others carefully. Don’t wait for the guest list to kick start your party planning. You can also make videos using online video editing software to make your guests aware of what they should expect at the party. 

  • Don’t act as a hanging bell:

It is not courteous to ping someone again and again. The standard way of invitation is one invite, a remainder and in extreme cases, one “save the date”, ping. If you have to discuss other details such as how to conduct events, what they’re wearing, or dessert to include in the menu etc, it is always in the best interest to communicate via direct message instead of using the shared group wall.

  • Choose guest list carefully:

You might have planned the grandest party that your friend circle has ever seen, but who will feel special if they see 500 hundred other people on the floor. Parties are meant to have a good time together. So, it is always good to curate your guest list with people who mingle with each other and enjoy their company.

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How To Design An Eye-catching Social Media Party Invite?

Set the mood with exact colour: Colors of the card is the first thing that will set the tone for the rest of the ingredients. Try to incorporate colors specific to the event that you are planning. If you are planning weekend parties, use the bright and vibrant colour scheme. While in the case of professional meetups, it is always good to go with dark colours. In any of the cases, use contrasting colors for the background and texts.

Mix & match font styles: For a grand party, the invitation should also be grand. In order to make a dazzling card, try to mix and match a number of font styles. In general, we all are very restricted in choosing any font style to type, but this is the time to unleash your inner child and do whatever experiment you want and nobody will really bat an eyelash. If you are confused about what to use, go with a simple trick. Use a lashing font for the main header, a similar one for the sub-header, and use a simple font for the body text.

Attention-grabbing header: It is important to grab the nerve of invitees when they see the card initially. The best way to do this is by designing an eye-catching header. Use an out lashing picture or font that forces them to look twice at the invitation.

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Use the colour filter for 3D effects: The body text becomes hard to grasp if the background is too noisy. If you already have picked a busy background, a colour filter can aid in highlighting your text. Simply drag and drop any shape onto your card, fill any contrasting colour in it and place the text. Not only the text will become visible, but a 3D effect will also be generated. 

Image centric cards: There are different kinds of card designs. If you want to make any image as the focal point of your card, you can also do it with various online software. You can also use videos in social media party invites. If you are worried about how to create a video, be rest assured. There are a number of video makers available online& offline to aid you in making videos without any hassle. 

Organize info using a two-column layout: In order to enhance the readability of your invitation card, try to split it into two columns. It is easy to the eye and pleasing to have a design or image on one side and text on the other. This design work better if you use landscape orientation in the cards.


With social media being one of the centre points in public discourse, it is always preferable to use it for party invites. With a creative & customized party invite, you can set the mood for your guests.

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