Covering the Basics of How to Play Escape from Tarkov

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Escape from Tarkov is an exciting game to play, even though it is really challenging. The desperation to make it out alive can keep you enthralled and engaged all through the game. So, if you’re still a beginner and searching for the basics, we got your back in this article. 

We will explain the important things to know about the game and how you can utilize them better. But before that, we will recommend that you visit to grab proven tools for a better experience

Also, don’t forget that the game is still not on Steam or other game launchers. So you have to visit the official website and use the download link. Having said that, let’s cover the basics of how to play and make it to the extraction point. 

Important things to know about Escape from Tarkov

  1. Understanding the game

Escape from Tarkov centers on different characters who spawn into a map and fight their way out of it amid different challenges. The need for survival will push you to fight both the human players and non-humans. 

You can play this game alone, or you can play in groups. Also, there are different extraction points on the maps, and you must get to them if you want to leave the city. There are also some optional points close to the middle of every map.  But to use these extraction points, you might have to pay some rubbles. 

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Also, you have the opportunity to loot for armor, firearms, or equipment, and if you make it out, you can use these items for more raids. Or, you can even sell the extras for cash (rubbles). 

  1. The unique characters 

You have two options when choosing your character. You can either play as a Scav or a PMC. The Scav character is often safer for a beginner, while many professionals can start with the PMC. When playing the former, other Scavs will not kill you. Instead, they’ll team up with you to take the PMCs down. Also, as a Scav, you will spawn into an ongoing raid with a random loadout and loot items. If you make it to the extraction point, you’ll still have your items. But if you die, you will lose everything because you don’t have storage for them. However, as a PMC, you can choose the loadout you want and loot for more items. You will also gather EXP and even store your items securely. But mind you, every other player on the map, even the AIs, will be targeting you. Also, if you die, you will lose all your gears and wait for a long time to heal. 

  1. The Style of Moving is Important 

You can decide to move slowly or speedily in Escape from Tarkov. But bear in mind that each movement has its own effect. For instance, if you choose to move very slowly, you’re protecting your location as the enemies will not hear your footsteps. But if you decide to sprint, you’re indirectly announcing your location to the enemies. 

So, no matter what you do, always move carefully and calmly. If you don’t, you may mistakenly step on metal debris and give your location away. Another thing is that other players can even hear your footsteps if they’re using headsets. So, always move with caution. 

  1. Understand how Weapons work

When it comes to weapons, you need to choose the ones that can work for you. If you’re playing for the first time, try to get the KS-23 because you can use it without struggle. Also, you can work with it if the map you’re playing on is small. As for piston, get the FN 5-7 for accuracy, and it kills in a single shot. 

Just bear in mind that all the guns have bullet drops, recoil, and many other things to understand. So, take your time to select them depending on what you want. For instance, some weapons can drop an enemy with just one bullet unless he’s wearing armor. Unfortunately, checking magazine capacity can only be done manually. So, before you choose your weapon, decide on what you want and go for it. 

  1. There is an Insurance system.
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Players can insure their items in Escape from Tarkov. Once you insure your items, you can retrieve them afterward. To insure your item, you can decide between the Therapist or the Prapor. The former is expensive and delays your items for 12 to 24 hours before returning them. But you will have 7 days chance to ask for the. Prapor, on the other hand, is cheap but delays your items for 24 to 36 hours. Also, you only have 4 days window to collect your items. So, insure your items to increase your chances of getting them back for other rounds. 


 Before playing Escape from Tarkov, you must study the game to understand it a bit. Also, choose the right character and weapons to suit your play style. Finally, no matter what you do, don’t forget to insure your items and don’t kill Scavs when you are playing as one. 

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