Content Creators Are Using These 12 Tips to Top their Industry:

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The world of content is evolving every day. You might see something trendy, and it had already caught in the trap of the cancel culture before you even got the chance to create content about it. What happens next? Your biggest frustration and difficulty becomes ‘How can I not be a victim of this call-out culture? Or ‘how can I be on the top?’

Content is what your audience wants to read.

The most crucial tip to be the best in your industry? Walk in the footsteps of the ones already at the peak. Don’t get it? Here we come into the picture. Today we offer you our 12 best tips that most famous content creators used to be what they are now.

  • Market Your Content 

Let the world know your presence.

You can only achieve the success you desire if people recognize you. Just like Tom & Jerry, Shaggy & Scooby-doo, Milk & Cereal, Women & Ice-cream are inseparable. Similarly, content and marketing can’t work separately. You have to market your content to make it reach your audience.

  • Be Consistent with the Live Streams

If you want your audience to keep in touch, or in other words if you want them to involve in your journey. The key is to communicate. But, you may already know stories shared online are often misinterpreted. Of course, you can’t meet everyone face-to-face then, what? Live Stream.

It’s your brand. It’s your image. Make it better. Go Live!

Use a foldable smart devices stand holder to improve your connection with your followers. How? Place your tablet or mobile phone in the holder, set it in a good lighting area, and filter the questions without holding your streaming device. 

  • Know The Active Timing of Your Audience 
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Question: When is the best time to post for a content creator? Answer: When your audience is active.

You don’t go to parties when the celebration is over. Similarly, you don’t publish when there’s no soul to read or admire your content.

  • Do Your Research Before You Post

Don’t post for the sake of getting more followers (which is a factor but yeah, you got the point). Don’t post just whatever, and do proper research about the content you are going to create. People are smart, and if you’re going to develop a meh post, they will stop following you in a heartbeat.

  • Schedule When You Post

The best tip is to schedule your post timing to let your followers wait. Make them anxious, and try to leave a hint post before your actual post. The best example to mention here is the Bailey Sarian, murder mysteries, and makeup segment posted every Monday.

  • Don’t Ghost Your Followers

“Don’t let yourself disappear.”

The biggest mistake you can ever make for your profile growth is to let your followers feel that they got ghosted by you. If you’re busy or can’t post, let your subscribers know, and keep them updated. Make small tweets here and there.

Create Instagram polls, share your stories, ask them to add you on Snapchat or other social media handles, and share your blogs or articles with them.

  • Engage Your Audience
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Question: How can I engage my followers to get more followers? Answer: Sell Your Story.

Now, before you use the power of a reader and say, ‘What in the wrong mind did I read?’ let us clarify what we said (okay, okay, what we wrote). You must use your story to inspire others who follow you, admire you, and look up to you as their role model.

  • Keep a Check on the Insights

One of the best tips to remain at the peak or reach the top is to balance your profile stats. For instance, set a time or a day to check the performance graph of your likes, followers, comments, and shares. Observe social media posts engagement, direct followers, organic traffic, people who share and people who don’t, who’s following you on Instagram, people who watch but don’t like or comment, etc. 

  • Be a Multi-Tasker but Don’t Confuse Your Followers

It’s a good thing to try out new things that are different than your forte, but don’t take a 360° turn that may confuse your followers. For instance, if you’re a skincare expert and you suddenly start posting about diabetes and cholesterol control, of course, nobody’s going to take your advice seriously. 

But, if you cover food and diet for good skin or exercise to get that natural glow, they will listen to you and start following your tips.

  • Clickbait Your Posts to Attract Followers

Sometimes, actually, no. Mostly, the clickbait is the door to your success. Don’t get it wrong. We are not implying you to use the only clickbait rule to top your industry because it will not work. But, use the attraction factor in your favor to gain the attention of the people.

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If you want your audience to keep visiting your content, you have to offer all you got (talent, hard work, and your efforts, of course).

  • Don’t Give Up and Keep Moving On

If you’re a beginner and want to reach the skies of success in a short time, here is a simple tip. Don’t give up. Keep doing what you are best at, but you can also try new things to explore your hidden talents. Be consistent in what you do, and keep moving on. Why? Because hard work pays off.

  • Know What the Fans Says

Lastly, don’t take it for granted. You have to earn the trust and respect of the people who follow you. How to do it? The best approach is to make time for the people who support you and value your content. 

Try to interact with your subscribers, reply to their comments, or leave a like on their replies. Schedule a day or a time of the day, and even it’s for 15 minutes, try to get feedback from your followers.  


Creating content is not difficult, but what seems impossible for most beginner content creators is to make their name in already popular creators. Make good choices for the ideas you may want to consider to grow your image in because people will expect the same quality content from you once you got recognized for your talent. So what’s stopping you now? Use our guide to get the appreciation your talent deserves. 

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