How To Write An Argumentative Essay

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Writing an argumentative essay without a good structure may not be compelling enough. When writing, you need to use evidence and facts. You must avoid your opinion to support your argument. Creating a difference between a general essay and an argumentative essay is often a problem for students. There are some key points that students need to know to solve this. 

Writing starts by paying attention to the structure and converting the essay topic into a question. You need to outline the key points. You also need to present an argument. Let’s cover this in detail with some practical ways of writing an argumentative essay.

Outline the main points

Introduce the main point of your essay. Explain how you plan to back it up. This method gives your reader a general idea of what you intend to talk about. An outline presents out your ideas and thoughts and puts them logically. It can allow you to remain focused on what you want to discuss in your essay. 

A clear outline of the main points enables a smooth transition between paragraphs. It enables a reader to understand how they moved from one point to the other. It also facilitates the smooth and logical flow of the content. 

Tutors have different feelings about how an essay flows. Balancing the reader’s emotional reactivity may be an effective way of dealing with what readers feel about your thesis based on the outline. Many conclude that it is better to start with the strongest argument first and finish with weaker points.

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Convert the essay topic into a question

Research is a means of solving a problem, and this begins by identifying the problem. The idea is to identify the question that your essay will address. After setting the question, plan it again in the form of a thesis statement. 

The essay writing experts explain it further. The statement answers the research question by allowing you to identify the major points you want to include in your paper. Set a question in your essay title or at the beginning. Then, focus on answering it as you develop the thesis statement. 

The approach of setting intriguing questions encourages readers to keep reading the paper as they try to find the answer. It will increase your citation counts where more researchers for a related topic can quote your publication.

Write a strong argument

After writing a thesis statement based on your topic, concentrate on backing up your claim with evidence. Use research to state all the facts in your document. List the difference between explanations and evidence.

Evidence is information from credible or authoritative sources that supports your argument. It can be in the form of audio, video footage, or photos. You could also include facts, reasons, or statistics from public policy papers, journals, or books. 

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Support your essay by citing credible sources. Consider the source of publication of the material you want to use. Find out if the authors conducted extensive research to support their claims as presented in the publication. The fact that a paper was published by doctorate holders or by a prestigious press does not make it credible.

Focus on the structure

You should structure an argumentative essay as mentioned herein.

Introduction – The introductory paragraph should outline the essay topic. It should provide background information to enable your readers to understand the thesis.

Thesis statement – This is a summary of the thesis’ main points. 

Body – This is the main part of an essay. A good argumentative essay consists of a few paragraphs outlining your thesis’ support. Each paragraph should include a different idea or evidence. It should also have a topic sentence. It should show why readers should agree with your argument. To gain the reader’s trust, present facts and consider the topic from different angles.

Conclusion – Include a paragraph to restate your thesis. Summarize the main arguments as represented in the body. Avoid introducing more arguments or facts but focus on appealing to the emotions of your readers.

The bottom line

Knowing how to write a good argumentative essay can contribute to success in student life. Focus on knowing how to structure your ideas. Support them with evidence and not your opinion. Define your position in your thesis statement. Stick to it while presenting your argument with evidence. The above tips apply to essays in all subjects and the topics you cover within them. 

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