How To Track Or Hit Of My Craigslist Ad

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It is very important to view or track to know, how many hits on your Craigslist Ad. This will help you to evaluate your current effort on your Craigslist ad account. it will also helpful for you to improve your Ad to attract people to view your page. There are many ways to know if people have hit on your Craigslist Ad.


After 2012, Craigslist launches its new application for customers to track their Ad. In this new feature, you can edit, delete, renew and re post your Craigslist Ad. You can monitor ad posting with an automated system If you noticed that number of people hit your ad and no one contact you, then you need to adjust your post image and change the content. If there are the small number of viewers on your Ad then you need to change the subject of your post to attract more people on your page.

Two different services to claim to track your Craigslist Ad. Craigslist Ad Tracker and Monitor Hits: provide you HTML code which fixed with a special link to post your Ad. This web link communicates with logs and services which help you to track and viewed, how many people hit on your ad. You can choose the service to depend on your budget.

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Few Steps Follow To Track Your Craigslist Ad

  • Open any browser and Go to
  • Scroll down and check on ” Customize your Counter”.
  • You can click on “Text Colour” box and pick one of color you want.
  • Click on “Background Colour” Drag you mouse on and select a background color.
  • Finally, click “apply color” button then you see a custom code.
  • Select all of the custom code and paste into Craigslist Ad.
  • At the end, you can view your hits on your ad. This is good for you to subtract, how many time you visit your own site.

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