How To Get Started With OBS

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Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is an open-source and free program for recording. There are several things you can stream or record with the help of OBS Streaming server. Music performances, gaming, tutorials, or simply talking to your audience about your favorite topic.
Here is a guide on ‘How we can start with OBS’ by the built-in microphone and webcam.

STEP 1 – Start by creating a scene

A scene is a group of sources. You need at least one scene to begin.

  1. In the box named Scenes click on the + sign. A pop-up window will arrive
  2. Then name that particular scene. You can replace it later if you need to.
  3. Then click OK

STEP 2 – You have to set up your sources

Sources are nothing but what the audience gets to see and hear. With OBS you have several options. But a usual broadcast will only need two: video and audio.

  1. In the box which is labeled as Sources click the + sign
  2. Then you have to select Video Capture Device (basically a webcam of yours). 
  3. Then click OK, you can even rename this source later. 
  4. Click on the box which is next to Device and choose your webcam from the list. 
  5. Now you can customize the size of the video which can match your screen properly.
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STEP 3 – Now you can SET UP Your Streaming

 Your streaming settings will alter slightly depending on the platform which is streaming to (Facebook Live, YouTube, etc.)
Facebook Live
On your Facebook Page go to Publishing tools then into Video Library and click +Live which is in the top right corner. Then you have to just copy the Stream Key and ahead back to OBS. You can stream your OBS software from anytime anywhere with the help of Hosted Virtual Desktop.

  1. In the bottom right of OBS click on settings
  2. Then click on Stream
  3. In the box labeled as Service choose Facebook Live
  4. Then paste your Stream Key which you received from Facebook into the box labeled Stream Key.
  5. Then click on Start Streaming and return to Facebook
  6. Click on Go Live

YouTube Live

In Creator Studio you have to choose Live Streaming. Fill in the necessary information such as Name and Description. Then you have to copy the Stream Key from the bottom of the page.

  1. In the bottom right of OBS, click on Settings
  2. Select Stream
  3. In the box which is named as Service choose YouTube
  4. Then paste your Stream Key from YouTube into Stream Key labeled box.
  5. Once you are happy with all the things, click Start Streaming and return to YouTube. Guess what you will be live then.
    With the help of OBS, you can control how your Facebook Live or YouTube stream looks like.
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Some of the more advanced things you can now do with OBS
You can add multiple scenes which helps you to switch from one visual to another. Following are some ideas of how you can use this tool:

  • You can add multiple webcams to give different angles or close-up shots to your audience which helps to keep them engaged.
  • You can add multiple microphones to get superior sound quality during music performances. 

Now that we know about OBS and how to set up your Facebook and YouTube Live, choosing a right hosting partner for OBS is an important decision to make. There are many cloud providers which offer OBS hosting services but only a few have the right experience and expertise to claim for. Apps4Rent have over 15 years of experience in cloud hosting services, serving over 10,000 business from small and medium business to Fortune 500 companies. We even provide migration services like Office 365 to Office 365 migration, SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online and many more. Get 24/7 support by chat, email, and phone with Apps4Rent.

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