How to Open New Incognito Window for Private Browsing

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It is really great to open New Incognito window and Work on it. The reason is that it protects your Privacy A lot. So, Don’t Worry About Anything. Just Browse Whatever you want.

Nothing will appear in your Searches and History. If you are using someone PC and don’t want that any Search appears to Anyone PC. The Best Thing is that you can open New Incognito Window. Then you can Starting Browsing there.

When you will open New incognito window No history or Anything will appear. You cannot also see the other person information Like Bookmarks Older History etc. Keep in mind that no Saved Password Will Appear. So, it is complete Private Browsing.

  • It may be difficult to Open this window. But after reading this Article you will be Surely Able to Open New Incognito Window.

Many People May don’t know about this Feature Provided by Google Chrome. If you have to Enable this Feature then you don’t need to worry about your Privacy. As Privacy, on the Internet is the Most important thing to everyone now a day. Google Chrome is Providing a way to Protect it with few simple Steps.

Steps to Open New Incognito Window

Now if you finally Decided to Browse in New Incognito Window. Then Let me tell you that it is not a Big Deal to Open New Incognito Window. Follow the Following Steps to Open it.

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You must Require a device Connected with an Internet connection. Keep in mind that for streaming videos internet must be strong and Public wi-fi is Discouraged. So, make sure you use the Personal Wi-fi. You can use any device you want Mac, PC, Smartphone and any Device you want.

Open your Device and click on Chrome Browser. Sometimes Most Logical mistakes are that People open other Browsers instead of Chrome. So, ensure that you don’t make that mistake. Nextly click on menu or Control and Customize Chrome.

This Option is normally Located at the Top Right corner of Screen with three vertical Dots. A Pop-down Menu Will Appear. From a Pop-down menu click on the option of New Incognito Window. When you click it a new Interface of Chrome will be opened with Black Background. This will ensure that you are in New Incognito window.

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