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Chase financial services are offering multiple types of credit card options in United States. The large variety of Chase Credit Card offers ensure there is an offer perfect for you no matter what. Chase card can be verified online by visiting

Chase Credit Cards are highly in demand for being feasible and useful in many ways. By browsing the official website, you can verify your Chase Credit Card by following a few simple steps before you can utilize it. Can’t resist? OK, let’s begin. Credit Card Verification Process

If you’ve ever used to check the balance of your account, you might have noticed that there’s a small “Verify Card” button on the bottom of the screen. What is this mysterious thing?

Well, it’s a simple way to make sure your card is still in your wallet and not lost or stolen. Here’s how it works:

  1. Click on the “Verify Card” button on’s home page (or go to You’ll be prompted for your user name and password, or you can log in with your fingerprint or face ID if you’re using a mobile app (if you haven’t set up one of these options yet, do it now!).
  2. The site will then ask you to enter the last four digits of your card number and an expiration date—the same information that appears on your card when you swipe at checkout or ATM machines. The site will tell you whether or not it recognizes those numbers as valid for use with this account—and voila! If everything looks good, you can breathe easy knowing that your card hasn’t been lost or stolen!
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Chase Credit Card Activation Steps

You can easily verify and activate your Chase Credit Card with your cell phone or online by using the official link. Your card number mentioned in front of your card is the only thing required for the activation.

Once you receive your new Chase Credit Card, simply log on to There are two methods to activate your chase card, namely: online and over a phone call.

Chase Credit Card Activation over call

  • Unpack you Chase Credit card from the unmarked packaging. Fetch your card and mindfully observe the instructions. Make sure that you have read all the directions carefully before moving forward.
  • You should activate your Chase Credit card at your earliest convenience to avoid cancellation of card. In case of getting late for more than a month, the bank may presume it as a lost card. If that happens. You have to re-apply for the card on
  • Do not peel off the sticker on hidden number at the front of the card until your card is activated.
  • You will also find customer care number printed at the back of your Chase Credit card.
  • Ensure you use the same number which you have mentioned in the bank account registration process to avoid any kind of scams. This will help the bank customer care representative to identify you and confirm that no one other than you are using your card.
  • Provide the required details to the representative. You will be requested to dial or tell your 15-digit credit card number and 4-digit social security number. After that they will inquire your personal details to confirm your identity. You must provide the data exactly the same as you have given for your bank account activation if you are calling from another number. These security questions are essential before continuing the process.
  • They will ask you some questions about cash back bonuses if you like. You can avail up to 5% of cash back that has to be refreshed every 3 months. It’s up to you whether you want this service or not; if not, then ignore it.
  • After completing activation process, you may peel off the protective covering on your credit card number and pay through your card.
  • The most important thing to note is that your card is invalid without your signature. This is necessary to authorize and prevent any kind of fraud.
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This whole process will take hardly five minutes of your precious time so what are you waiting for? Go grab your very own Chase Credit Card and avail all the plus points.

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