How to Drive Traffic to Your Instagram from Other Social Handles

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Do you want your brand to come in front of more people? Instagram, being one of the most prominent social media platforms, offers many incredible growth opportunities for businesses, brands, and individuals. Continue reading to discover some fantastic ways to gain visibility on this platform.

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Due to the platform’s rapid evolution and growth, the competition is becoming fierce day by day. Getting noticed and making an impression on a platform with over 1 billion worldwide users might be difficult. But it is possible. Just play your cards right and plan a clever strategy to achieve your goal.

Your number of followers and engagement rate are the two most important aspects of your Instagram journey. These two things determine how well you are doing on the platform. There are plenty of ways to promote your Instagram in order to increase engagement and followers. But cross-promoting is one of the most effective ways.  To Increase your Instagram followers in no time, you can get real UK Instagram followers from IGFollowers which a trusted Social Media Service Provider in UK.

In case you’re wondering, cross-promoting means promoting your Instagram account through other social networking sites. Want to become popular? Cross-promote! Want to find new followers who might also turn into your customers? Cross-promote!

Now that you know its importance let’s discuss how you can actually do it.

4 Powerful Ways to Promote Your Instagram

  1. With email

Do you have an email marketing strategy? Even if you don’t have one, you can still get the people in your email list to follow you on Instagram. Include the link of your Instagram handle at the end or start of your email to let your viewers know about it.

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If you want to increase the chances of them arriving on your Instagram profile, you’ll have to do something that catches their attention.

How about offering them a discount for following your account? Or maybe if you’re hosting a giveaway, write it in your email and add a link to that post to direct your viewers towards it. That’s how you can encourage the people in your email list to visit your Instagram and follow you.

  1. On your website

If you’re running a business on Instagram, you must own a website or a blog. So why not promote your Instagram on your site? Attach a link on your site to drive more traffic to your website.

You can also easily embed any of your high-quality Instagram post on your page. That clickable post will bring your audience directly to your Instagram. Again, you can encourage them to visit your profile by offering a discount or announcing a giveaway.

  1. Guest post

Don’t worry if you still haven’t made or designed your business website or blog. Guest post on someone else’s website is also a great option.

There are many different industry website owners who might allow you to add your Instagram handle on their site. You can also add a link to your Instagram in your author bio. So why not give it a try?

  1. On Other Social media platforms
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There are many social media networks out there, but maintaining your presence on the most prominent ones is a wise thing to do. We have mentioned some of the best platforms below. If you are active on these sites, it will help you in promoting your Instagram and achieving your business goals.


Well, everyone knows about Facebook. This platform has broken records by crossing over 2.7 billion monthly users. Ever since it was launched, Facebook has been growing pretty steadily. Promoting your Instagram account on Facebook will be very effective.

Here’s how you can do it.

Add the link to your Instagram in the “About us” tab. You can share your Instagram content on Facebook too. It will not only save your time, but it also allows you to cross-promote efficiently.

Besides that, hosting a giveaway and directing your audience towards your Instagram is also useful in driving traffic to your account.

Another powerful way to promote your Instagram through Facebook is to collaborate with influencers. Many marketers and business owners claimed that working with an influencer helped them in expanding their reach and gaining visibility.


Google’s most popular service, YouTube, has become one of the world’s largest online video platforms, with over 2 billion worldwide users. From helping you market your business to becoming famous and earning money, this platform has a lot to offer. If you have YouTube, then promote your Instagram right now on your platform to drive traffic to your account.

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Here are some ways you can promote your Instagram on your YouTube channel.

  • Mention your Instagram in your video and tell your viewers to follow you.
  • Add the link to your Instagram in the description of your video.
  • If you are not on YouTube, then you can also collaborate with influencers on YouTube and promote your Instagram through them.


Just like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, Twitter is also one of the most popular platforms. Not only celebrities and influencers, but politicians, journalists, marketers use this platform. With over 330 million daily active users, you’ll have a high chance of finding your potential customers on this platform.

So don’t wait any longer! Use Twitter to promote your Instagram account. Post UGC, share high-quality images, start conversations, collaborate with influencers, add your Instagram link in the bio, and tweet daily. Do whatever it takes to drive traffic from Twitter to your Instagram handle.



Are you thinking to use more platforms for cross-promoting? Here’s our guide on some of the best social media platforms to help you choose.

Which platform are you planning to use for cross-promotions? Comment below!

Plus an additional tip is that you can monitor Instagram analytics through instagram hastag analytics.

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