5 Tips for Using Technology in Classrooms

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Technology in Classrooms

In the 21 st century, it is difficult to ignore the role of technology in any field. Actually not using technology in your relevant field of expertise means that you are lagging behind the rest of the world. Education is also revolutionized due to advancements in technology. Colleges and universities are using technology for a better education system. Teachers and students are also playing their role to maximize technology benefits.

Here are 5 tips to use technology to make its use best in classrooms and educational institutes.
According to unemployed professors review, these tips will help you to understand the importance of technology both as a teacher and student.

1. Easy Learning Management System:

Using online tools for better coordination between teachers and students is an important use of technology. The online learning management system empowers teachers to work closely with each student and track their progress. It helps teachers to make announcements related to the subject,
post assignments and quizzes, upload lecture files for easy access to students. An example of such a
free tool is google classroom. Teachers also use LMS to grade students and comment on student’s progress.

Students also benefit from the learning management system as they have all their subject related files in one place. They can ask questions and see their progress on LMS.

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2. Podcasts:

The podcast is an online medium possible due to technology. It is a medium that teachers should start using more regularly. It is an easy and great tool for instructors to supplement their classroom lectures. A proper podcast is entertaining and fast-paced thus allowing teachers to capture the attention of their students easily. It is an important tool for teachers especially for the ones who are unable to engage students naturally.

A project like a podcast for students enables them to test their research, speaking, writing, and
editing skills.

3. Virtual Field Trip:

Another tip to use technology to maximize its benefits is taking students on a virtual field trip. It allows teachers to make this possible with a little cost thus saving a lot of cost and logistical arrangements. It also solves the problem of visiting different destinations around the globe that are far away from your location.

4. Collaboration through Social Media:

Social media is another revolution of technology. The use of social media is not only for online connectivity among people but it also helps students and teachers engage in educational activities.
Slides, excel sites, and Google docs are some of the online social tools that can be used to collaborate to work on presentations, spreadsheets, and the same documents.

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The same is true for a Twitter hashtag and the Facebook group as students can use these groups to
gather data and have a discussion about different topics.

5. Online Etiquette:

One thing that is the responsibility of everyone including educational institutes, teachers, and
students are ethical behavior while using technology and online platforms. For making online
educational platforms more accessible and productive students should be taught how to respect
others’ opinions and have a difference with them while being ethical.
Online etiquettes should be taught in the classroom so everyone can responsibly use the internet.

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