Why Shopify for Small Business Provides Great Ecommerce Potential

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Small businesses account for more than 70% worldwide business turnover around the world. This is just staggering considering the worth of some biggest industry names. Yet, new startups and small enterprises total up to provide most of world business. Shopify for small business is a great prospect. If you want to sell online and join the ecommerce race, Shopify can be the tool you need.

Small and medium businesses (SMEs) can benefit from an online ecommerce sales strategy. Shopify for small business provides that means of connection between business and its customers. Manufacturers, resellers and retailers can target potentially unlimited new customers through ecommerce platforms. If Shopify has done anything, it has proven the ability to provide some of the best ecommerce stores.

If you have a new or small startup, Shopify for small business would treat you well. The best thing about Shopify platform is that it is easily scalable. Read below to find out how small business can get ahead of the competition with Shopify ecommerce implementation:

Shopify for Small Business Provides Wide Range of Features

Even the most basic Shopify version contains a lot of goodies in terms of features for small businesses. From product management to inventory and shipping options, there is just about everything you could ask for. Shopify for small business is an effective tool to maximize productivity and engagement.

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Shopify also provides means to accept electronic payments right from the store. This is subject to qualifying for Shopify payments however. If you do get this, customers will be able to make smooth payments and your business will receive them seamlessly.

In addition, Shopify also has some of the most competitive payment processing rates in the industry too. Fraud protection and PCI compliance are available when needed as well. All in all, payment methods abundance and ease of use is name of the game with Shopify for small business.

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Also, core integration with Facebook, Instagram and Google Shopping allows Shopify ecommerce stores to express widely. From the one platform, small businesses can market their products across all the different domains. Productivity with maximum benefit is available with Shopify.

Shopify Systems Are Very Easy to Manage

Shopify provides some of the easiest and most basic store development systems. Termed as “Software as a Service” or “SaaS” for short, these systems can be operated with very little skills. Admin and frontend panels provide very easy store management even for non-certified store owners.

Shopify for small business provides easy management for servers, software updates, security and many other features. Small business owners who are dealing with their Shopify systems on their own, find these very easy to deal with.

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Shopify is also secure for new startups. Even the most basic package on the platform, offers high level of security. Shopify for small business stores and websites provide the option for extra added layers of security. Pros at Shopify ensure best most secure experience for users at all times.

Small Cost of Entry for Small Businesses

When you talk about value for money, Shopify provides one of the best experiences for small businesses and new startups. Although, there is a monthly subscription fee, what you get for it, beats similarly priced options. Also, many other platforms might seem cheaper, but you often incur hidden costs.

Shopify also includes web hosting costs that on other platforms are not included. A monthly fee to access quality features on most other ecommerce platforms also applies. Another important thing to note is that even though others might look cheaper, you almost always get what you pay for.

Web hosting landscape has become rather overcrowded. Often, cheaper solutions provide your slow response and not very safe servers. Poor support and low reliability are also often incurred with most of these cheaper options. The small cost of entry for Shopify small business doesn’t have any of that.

Of course, proceeding with SaaS provides the surety that experts are always backing you up. For things like security, compliance, security features, backups and redundancy, they got you covered at Shopify. There is also an option for Shopify Lite Plan, no everyone knows about this one.

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While the ‘Lite’ version is obviously scaled down a bit, it will still let your sell on. You will also get the option to embed widgets right into your existing site and can also invoice customers for as little as $9 a month. There are no long-term contracts required and there are no setup fees as well.

Shopify for small business options are almost completely engagement free. Make sure to hire a quality Shopify web development expert for your small business or new startup. Get a quality business platform and run on it smoothly for quick growth.

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