The Kibo Code Quantum Review: E-commerce Redefined:

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The Kibo Code is deemed as the new model of online business. It is an 8-week course and teaches you all the essentials for a successful e-commerce business.

There are many ways you can start your own e-commerce business. But to be truly successful in it, you need to learn a lot of things that can be found in different e-commerce training courses. 

One of these courses is the Kibo Code. This article will give a short review of the Kibo Code and how good it actually is.

What Is The Kibo Code Course?

The Kibo Code Quantum course is the most talked-about e-commerce course of 2020 and a lot of people have registered for this specific course. 

It includes an 8 week-long course launched by Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth showing a new and different way of doing business. 

It shows how you can earn money through e-commerce with a different model which is why it is also called the new model of e-commerce. 

The founders have suggested that with this newer model; they have made more money than they would have by following the traditional methods taught in other e-commerce courses.

How Does Kibo Code Work In E-Commerce?

As mentioned before, this is an 8 week-long training course where they teach you all you need to know in a few easy steps. Following these steps will give you an edge over the others. 

Step 1

You need to get yourself a domain that is of very high quality. Finding out the high-quality domain will be done using a tool, and that tool will be provided to you when you buy the course.

Step 2

After you have bought your domain, you can now start setting up an online shop on a website by using the domain you just bought.

Step 3

After you set up your website, now you need to put the items you need to sell on the website. 

There is no need for you to use any predefined image or text, all you need is just a small description of the item that is to be sold.

Step 4

There is a specific method in the course named “Untapped traffic generation”, which, if used properly, will drive massive amounts of traffic to your website who will also drive customers to trust your site.

Step 5

There are a lot of suppliers in the United States that will help you drop or ship the product to the respective customers when any sale is made which makes your job easier.

Step 6

Notice which products are getting a high amount of sales. By observing this information, organize your website and put the items of high demand on the front pages. 

When one website is settled, you can then take these items that have a lower sale percentage and create another website and put these items on sale.

The Different Models Of Kibo Code

We have so far mentioned a lot about how this Kibo Code course is deemed as a unique business model. Let us now take a look at the different modules this course offers which make it so unique.


Module 1: Central Intelligence

This module teaches you about all the information you need to conduct a successful e-commerce business. 

If you follow this module, it will enable you to have your first income in the first 48 hours.

Module 2: StoreStorm

This is often considered the most important module. It teaches you how you can organize a perfect website to attract more traffic and turn this traffic into sales.

Module 3: Hand-Picked Product

This model enables you to pick the perfect products that can be easily sold and you can even earn $2500 within a few days.

Module 4: Profit Vault

It shows you the most profitable yet the least competitive product in the market and filters the best product from millions of products.

Module 5: Traffic Black Box

This module helps you take advantage of search engines and directs traffic towards your website. With efficient SEO knowledge, you will be able to rank on google.

Module 6: Oracle X

Oracle X lets you use the domain name selector that helps you create a high-quality domain and also creates an attractive logo for your business.

Module 7: Kibo Academy

This module enables you to access the Kibo code community and seek answers to any problem you may face.

Pros & Cons of the Kibo Code

The Pros

  • All the modules are easy to understand and the lessons are not complex. It enables you to learn effectively with no prior knowledge.
  • The module teaches you how to promote or properly invest money in any business. Just follow the methods taught and you will be good to go.
  • All the e-commerce lessons are taught by marketing experts that have experience of running their own store for a very long time. You can easily learn about their experience through this course.
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The  Cons

  • All good things come with a hefty price and this is no different. This is why this course might not be affordable for everyone even if they want to take part in it.
  • This is not for someone who is looking for e-commerce as a passive income source as the money spent on the course is not worth it for someone who is not willing to invest their time in e-commerce.

Who Is This Course Actually For?

This course is specifically designed for people who are looking for a permanent source of income through e-commerce or affiliate marketing. 

Even if someone has no knowledge about e-commerce or affiliate marketing, it will be very easy for them to start earning money through e-commerce as this course will teach them everything they need to know throughout the course time period. 

As you go through the course you will also understand the need and requirements of hiring an SEO agency that will help you generate more traffic and sales 

But remember, it would be best to use this course if you are planning to stay in the e-commerce business for the long run.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Kibo Code course, although a bit pricey, is definitely something that combines different selling strategies to attract a large amount of crowd. If you are willing to pursue a career in E-commerce, then we definitely suggest you take the course.

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