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Gaining your customers’ trust will give you a competitive advantage in an e-commerce environment. Building a long-term relationship with your consumers takes a lot of patience and sacrifice. However, finding new customers is 5x more expensive than retaining current customers. 

Acquiring trust in an online environment introduces a different problem:

A missing human element in

online purchases

E-commerce is deprived of face-to-face communication. People are more sceptical when they go through the buying process. Customers are diligent in making sure that they can trust a website, looking for any signs that will show them that you are trustworthy. Here are six ways you can improve customer trust on e-commerce websites.

1: Bulletproof Your Domain with an SSL Certificate

Eavesdropping has become a common issue, due to the continuous rise in cyber threats. Anyone with enough knowledge can hack into your e-commerce profile and steal your customers’ information (credit card info, phone number, account login information and so on). The first step to earning your consumers’ trust is to ensure you have absolute protection from eavesdropping. 

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An SSL Certificate ensures that your data is encrypted with cryptographic protection. Any type of data that is communicated can be read, only by you and your customers. It uses this secure connection to transfer data from the sender to the recipient. Each piece of information is encrypted. Each chunk of data is authenticated and enciphered before transmitting it to its destination.

What happens when someone tries to break in? An SSL alert protocol will identify the source of the problem and send messages to corresponding peers. 

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Let’s say you own this store: “”. With a standard SSL protocol, you can issue a certificate only for the domain name “”. Many websites have multiple sub-domains that need to be shielded as well.

A Wildcard SSL Certificate provides protection for each one of your sub-domains, at a reasonable price.

You can purchase a cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate from authenticate SSL providers, you will skyrocket customer trust, thus improving conversion rates.

2: Create a Human “About Us” Page

An extensive “About Us” page creates an opportunity to show the readers that you care about them. You can use this page to humanize your store, by introducing yourself and relaying information from the viewpoint of the visitor. Show your customers who you are and why your business matters. Write with a tone that matches the rest of your website and talk as if you are talking to a friend. Here is an example of a credible “About Us” page.

As you can see, they are addressing the problem their business solves, they tell a personal story, and they do all that using a conversational tone.

They also provide profile pictures. Now customers can see the faces behind the entity. They can’t trust you unless they know who you are.

Another way to enhance your reputation is by adding testimonials and reviews to your “About Us” page.  

3: Testimonials and Reviews

Look back at any item that you bought in the past year. What did you look at first? 

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Testimonials add an extra layer of credibility to your reputation whether you are selling a service or a product. Customers are more likely to respond to praise from people like them, rather than yourself. 

Reviews provide a more detailed example of how your product served another customer. People tend to be specific when they write reviews because they want to inform others about their experiences. 94% of customers read reviews, according to Fan & Fuel.

4: Web Design and SEO

Which one would you pick?                                                                   

 A: Everest. Beautiful and Inspiring

B: LingsCars. A Befuddlement.

Most people would choose option A because the site is aesthetically pleasing, well-structured and organized. Professional web design can do wonders for building trust and provides several other benefits:

  • User-friendly features:

A good web layout will provide for easy access to all the tools needed for performing a transaction (e.g. currency support, smooth payment gateway, and language support)

  • Improved Visibility: 

If your website looks old and wonky, chances are you will have a tough time attracting users, let alone building trust. A high-definition experience with visual graphic enhancements will make your website look authentic. Your clients will know that you put a lot of time into creating a safe and smooth space for transactions. 

  • Better Search Ranking 

Customers who see your web page at the top of the search results know that your business is reliable. Choosing a suitable design and publishing unique content will place your site higher on Google Search. Organic results that are positioned at the top of Google Search are ten times more likely to receive a click than a page in the 10th spot . Today every eCommerce businesses following Digital Marketing tips to drive sales to their sites.

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5: Build a 24/7 Online Presence

Eventually, your customers might run into unforeseen issues that need to be addressed instantly. A constant customer support line will ensure that you know what the problem is and you can take the needed steps to solve it. Each problem that you solve adds another point to your credibility and builds further trust. 89% of US consumers say that an immediate response greatly affects their purchasing decision.  

6: Consistent Blogging 

Blogging is another way of assembling a communication channel between you and your clients. Businesses that have a blog generate 67% more leads than those that don’t. How can you leverage blogging to humanize your business?

– You can build a loyal customer base by writing about you and your employees. A personal story can go a long way to maximizing trust, as people will understand how your business is positioned in the real world.

– Write about the common issues that your consumers might face and how your firm resolves these issues. This will show how you bring value to their lives and meet their daily needs.

Gaining trust online can be as easy as in the real world. Show your customers that your store is a living entity run by real people, doing the best they can. 

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