How to Boost Macbook’s Performance?

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A Macbook is one of the best options when it comes to picking a computer. Apple continues to develop reliable devices, and it is no surprise to see that Macs’ popularity is as strong as ever.

However, just like other computers, Macbooks will start to underperform after a while and need macbook repair. People who neglect to take proper care of their laptops may find it difficult to use them in certain situations.

Thankfully, you have ways to restore the performance and even boost it in some cases. In other words, there is no need to spend money on another computer.

The tips in this article should be a good reference to create a maintenance strategy. And remember that you should stick to the strategy consistently.

Tip #1 – Optimize Internet Browser

A lackluster internet browser is one of the biggest problems, particularly if you rely on the internet for work or studies. Dealing with crashes or even freezes will not get you far, particularly when you have to reload the browser every few minutes.

There are a few ways to fix the problem. Try to flush dns cache mac creates periodically. If that does not solve the problem, disable some of the extensions and add-ons. Finally, make sure that the browser is up to date.

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Tip #2 – Improve Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity holes can cause problems that you do not expect. It is important to have reliable antivirus software that is running in the background and eliminating potential threats.

An underperforming Mac may be the result of malware and viruses. Run a custom disk scan to confirm that there are no infected files on the computer.

If you want to fortify cybersecurity more, why not get yourself a virtual private network and surf the net anonymously? 

Also, avoid questionable links even if they come from people you know and trust. Finally, be smarter with how you use passwords. Be more creative and avoid using the same password for multiple accounts.

Tip #3 – Disable Visual Effects

Visual effects offer no real value. They are a hindrance that consumes system resources. You would be better off getting rid of a backlit keyboard, visuals for music, animations for the Dock, and other gimmicks.

Tip #4 – Delete Redundant Files

Do not end up with just a few gigabytes of free space on your Macbook’s hard drive. You should aim to have at least 15% of total storage free. Otherwise, it will take a while for the computer to load applications at an optimal speed. And that it is only one of the potential performance problems.

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Freeing up disk space is not that difficult. You need to emphasize redundant files, such as useless applications or old downloads. 

It is also worth mentioning that removing data is the only option. Users can transfer some files to Dropbox, iCloud, and external storage devices, such as memory sticks.

Tip #5 – Declutter Desktop

A cluttered desktop is a problem. Avoid keeping your files on the desktop because each icon consumes system resources, particularly when you change tabs. 

It may be convenient to access files with one click, but your Macbook would be better off if you sacrificed this convenience and relocated the files. 

Tip #6 – Limit Background Applications

Some applications are an integral part of the Macbook, and you cannot disable them. Then, there are apps like antiviruses and communication tools for work. 

While exceptions exist, you should still have a number of applications that are running in the background redundantly. 

You can see the list on the Activity Monitor tool. The tool also lets you sort processes by certain metrics, such as memory or GPU usage. The information makes it easier to figure out which apps are the biggest offenders.

Keep in mind that some apps may end up in the background because you forget about them or because they are in the startup item list.

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Tip #7 – Confirm the System Is Updated

Apple continues to introduce new macOS versions, and these updates do more than just bring the latest features to Macbook users. 

Having the most recent OS version also gives the system a boost performance-wise. Each update pushes innovation and is there to improve the experience of Macbook users. 

So even if downloading and installing an update takes longer than you would like, you should still prioritize it, particularly if you want to improve the computer’s performance.

Tip #8 – Get a Cooling Pad

A cooling pad is a relatively cheap investment, but it can make a significant difference. When the Macbook’s hardware cannot keep up, it starts to overheat. If you are playing video games, for example, they require a lot of resources. 

You should notice that the Mac starts to overheat. And in some instances, removing dust and dirt inside does not always help. But a cooling pad might. 

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