Best 5 Apps That Has Won During COVID-19

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During COVID-19, Apps do not cut people off basic necessities of life with remote access. Categories from health & fitness to digital media are all increasing in popularity because the virus has made us stay home and changed the way of our lifestyle we used to live. 

App Categories That Skyrocketed in Self-Isolation Period 

Health Care Apps

Educational Apps

Entertainment Apps

SaaS B2B Apps

Social Media Apps

Grocery Apps

Our next section includes the top 5 apps that have earned popularity and has more active users than ever before.         

1 – Zoom

Whether it’s the office meetings or school online classes, we hear only one name that is Zoom. Yes, this is the most used app during self-isolation with 126 million downloads. The most common reason for its popularity is its user-friendly interface. 100 Users can join one meeting at a time, and it is pretty cool to catch the user’s attention. 

2 – Tik Tok 

People got depressed by staying home, and here, Tik Tok plays an important role in making people smile with funny videos. A report shows the rapid growth in its download by 20 million. Common hashtags scrolling never let the user go away from the screen and make him/her stay for hours. 

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3 – Facebook 

Self-isolation means to cut off socialization. But technology has made it possible to socialize online. It also introduced some features, including video calling features with 50 users. It is accumulated 93 million downloads in Google Play. 

4 – WhatsApp

50% of growth has been analyzed in April. People find this app more convenient than the other chatting apps as it allows them to make a video or phone calls without any fear. 2 Billion downloads of this app have accumulated in July 2020. It also considers the best future marketing trend. 

5 – Instagram  Both millennials and Gen Z are addicted to Instagram as it allows the users to share photos or videos with only one click. But it works best for marketing. Its unmoving status in Play Store makes it in the 5th position in our top 5 apps during the quarantine pandemic.

Source:Mobile App Usage Consumer Behavior During COVID-19 Pandemic

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