Best Prank Apps – Great Ideas to fool your Friends in 2020

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If you’re a prankster who likes to make disturbing early morning calls or regularly sticks ‘kick me’ notes on their buddies back, it’s time to up your game and install your very first prank app!

Since the introduction of prank apps, pulling off your favourite practical jokes has never been more convenient. And what’s more, you’ll have access to tonnes of new prank ideas that you would have never imagined.

Below are our top 4 best prank apps of 2020! and also check cleaner app


Do you struggle to make prank calls and always get caught out? The OwnagePranks app lets you perform fantastic prank calls without you ever having to say a single word.

With over 100 prerecorded calls already available, each contains a unique prank script suiting a multitude of different everyday situations. Have a buddy who just moved into the neighbourhood? Use the ‘Give me your Wifi Password’ prank script, or for someone expecting their friendly Uber driver to show up try ‘Pissed RideShare Driver’.

While you don’t participate in the prank calling, that doesn’t mean you’re missing out as you’ll be listening to the hilarious reactions live in the background. Automated calls also provide foolproof anonymity as you are appointed a separate Caller ID, meaning they’ll never know it’s you!

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  • Automated calls conduct real-time analyses during phone calls using their speech recognition AI, ensuring responses are made at the right times
  • One free credit provided daily
  • Prank Calls are recorded and can be submitted to the Pranks Hall of Fame where the best reactions are regularly featured

Spider in phone Prank

The next time your buddy carelessly leaves his phone left exposed, it’s time to take advantage of the situation by installing the Spider in phone Prank app on their phone. This app simulates a life-like spider which will suddenly walk across the homepage (or whatever screen page that’s displayed) at the time you specify. 

If you have a friend who’s terrified of tarantulas or anything crawly in general, instead of buying a tacky plastic spider that’s the norm try this exciting, new app. Spider animations are crisp and move as a spider typically would, no doubt causing some great jump-scare reactions once they appear. 


  • Spider animations are ultra-realistic
  • Pranks are unexpected as the displayed spiders are inside the phone
  • Install on your friend’s phone for maximum effect

Fake Call and SMS

The app takes the fundamental functions of a smart-phone and uses it for your pranking needs. Fake Call and SMS lets you schedule incoming bogus calls, and let’s manipulate your inbox, outbox and other SMS features to display counterfeit messages. 


So how does a fake incoming call work as a prank? Let’s say you’re at a work meeting but would rather be out with the guys, schedule an incoming call and come up with an excuse to leave. Since an incoming call isn’t generally correlated to a prank call, it is unlikely to draw any suspicion on the legitimacy of your reason. 

Although many fake call simulators exist today, Fake Call and SMS customizable features make this a standout among its competition. One function lets you schedule incoming messages, allowing you to tamper with the message’s content beforehand. 


  • Organize incoming fake calls and messages
  • Designate every fake caller with a name, number and picture of your choice
  • Endless prank idea possibilities to fool others, be as creative as you wish

Broken Screen Prank

The Broken Screen Prank App has taken social media by storm, becoming viral through hilarious uploads of people tricking friends and family with this practical joke. As the name suggests, this app simulates a broken screen on a person’s phone by displaying various scratches and cracking noises.

At first glance, it will appear like the phone has sustained substantial damage, making for some fantastic reactions. To pull off this prank, first, you’ll need to install the app onto another’s phone without their knowledge to avoid unwanted suspicion. After launching, click the home screen to input said damage.

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Since it is just a simulator, the moment you hand back the phone, it will be instantly revealed to be a prank. Reactions may vary from this mischievous act from extreme anger to a flood of tears as nobody reacts well to a cracked phone screen, especially if it happens to be new. 


  • Displays a broken screen with realistic crackling sounds 
  • Extremely efficient to pull off, tap on the screen to apply damage
  • Generally fools others and can bring out extreme reactions

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