Why Get a Virtual Phone System for Your Business Today?

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Do you run a business? Have you shifted your in-office culture to work from home? Have you migrated your applications to the cloud?

Unexpected events force you to change faster than ever and the ongoing pandemic crisis is a real-time example of the same. Where people today are following the stay-at-home orders and practicing social distancing, organizations are grappling to bring their line of operations on track and keep their business continuity intact. 

Though a few organizations had already been on the verge of digital transformation using cNumber, there are others who were either procrastinating or considered the solution to be far-fetched. In either case, they are the ones having a hard time aligning business activities. A question tossed here has been the need for a virtual phone system. 

A virtual phone number is a number that isn’t located in a particular region or locality. Put simply, these numbers aren’t associated with a dedicated telephone. Living in Brighton, have you ever thought about what is 01273 area code used for, or how a virtual number from cNumber could help in your business? 

Well, this is the area code used to make calls in Brighton. While the traditional method would cost you a huge amount of money, virtual numbers cost you the same prices as that of the landline number. Not to forget the ease it provides with respect to distance communication. Probably, this is the reason why more and more organizations are switching to a virtual phone number. 

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For the ones who are still in the middle of a debate and not sure if a virtual number is what their businesses need, here are a few reasons for your perusal. 

Why Does Your Business Need A Virtual Phone Number?

  • To keep it running 24/7

The most important factor that promotes the adoption of a virtual number is that it keeps a business active at all hours of the day. Meaning that no matter what time of a day a customer calls, he/she is always addressed. If not by a human agent, an automated bot would take over the conversation and direct them to the voicemail to get hold of the information. 

  • Remote communication

The virtual phone number eliminates the need to be at your office desk all the time. These numbers do not require you to have separate hardware. Instead, a device with a steady internet connection suffices. Customer executives can answer the call from anywhere across the globe. This ensures that a call never goes unanswered keeping the customer services up top and enhancing the value provided by the organization. 

  • To improve customer experience

A virtual phone number comes with a bundle of features. From forwarding the call to the next agent to transferring it to another department, virtual numbers work seamlessly. Suppose that a customer called to connect with the sales team. However, due to some confusion, the call was connected to the marketing department. Instead of cutting the call and asking them to redial, the department can simply transfer the call. This helps win customer trust and provide a better experience. 

  • Automated response system
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An added advantage of having a virtual phone number for business communication is the IVR feature. A great amount of time is spent on sharing all of the information from the customer’s end. Often it so happens that the call was connected to the wrong agent. Now when the call is then passed to the right agent, he/she needs to repeat the issue. 

To fix this, virtual phone numbers have the feature where a bot greets them at the beginning. Depending upon the answer provided by the customers, the bot transfers the call to the right agent. This helps save time while improving the end to end service offered to the customer.


Considering uncertain times such as these, it is important that your business runs without being dependent on any resources & knows well about what is 01273 area code or more. A virtual phone number is the best place to start when turning your legacy infrastructure to be cloud-compatible. Besides offering the ease to stay connected without any hassle, these numbers by cNumber are so designed that it allows you to keep your customers happy and satisfied. 

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