Here’s Why You Probably Don’t Need to Rely on a VPN Anymore

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The introduction of the Virtual Private Network technology has revolutionized the Internet sector, with many people being able to experience secured browsing and quality streaming of entertainment from different locations. Without using one of the networks from Vpnetic’s best VPN list, it becomes easy for other parties to snoop around your browsing activities and acquire your passwords. However, despite the benefits of using a VPN, the contemporary age has provided Internet users with many reasons to avoid using Virtual Private Networks. With advancements in Internet technology and the harmful effects of VPN, people are finding other reliable ways of browsing the Internet. Here are some reasons why you may no longer need to use Virtual Private Networks anymore.

Improved Internet Security

Internet technology is not the same as it was several years ago. Back in the day, the Internet was not secure because another party could view your Internet activities and hack your passwords. Such unreliability of the Internet when it comes to security prompted VPN use. Virtual Private Networks are efficient in masking Internet activities keeping important information secure from hackers or other dangerous parties. Nowadays, the Internet has been revolutionized with encrypted browsing where Internet users visit sites that start with HTTPS:// instead of HTTP:// greatly improving cyber security among the users of the Internet. As long as you are visiting secure sites, there is no need of using a Virtual Private Network.

Disadvantages of VPNs

Virtual Private Networks will enable you to visit restricted sites and keep you masked while browsing by hiding your computer’s IP address and providing encryption to your Internet activities. However, it is imperative to know the limitations of using these networks to ensure maximum safety while browsing. Having the knowledge and understanding of the cons of using these networks involves appreciating what these networks are not capable of accomplishing. The following are some of the disadvantages of using Virtual Private Networks.

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No Complete Anonymity

Virtual Private Networks may be designed to mask your Internet tracking, but your identity has the potential to be still revealed through your activities in ways that your VPN cannot control. For example, social media platforms like Facebook will still monitor their users using VPNs or not. Also, you can easily be tracked through cookies and web trackers. To provide you with your needs, cookies and web trackers are used by websites for storing specific information about you. The data used by the cookies and trackers can be used to locate you quickly.

Privacy is Dependent on the Service

As mentioned earlier, VPNs are made to hide user identity on the Internet. Nevertheless, by using a Virtual Private Network, your information is received by the service provider of your VPN, which is a third party. Depending on the logging policy of your VPN, the information provided to your service provider can be crucial and sensitive. Any individual operating in network’s centers can see your activities. The privacy provided to you by the network you are using is entirely dependent on the trustworthiness of your service provider. Not paying attention to your provider’s policies could have your sensitive information leaking out.

Illegal in Some Areas

The use of VPNs has been made illegal in some countries. Following the trend, many other geographical locations, states and areas have made it illegal to utilize Virtual Private Networks. If you live or have gone for a vacation in one of these locations, using a VPN proves impossible. Using a Virtual Private Network that has been restricted could bring severe problems with the authorities. Some places that have banned the use of these networks have other VPNs that have been approved for use, making it necessary to confirm with the laws of the area about the use of VPNs before getting into trouble.  

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Quality Costs Money

Though virtual Private Networks function correctly even when they are used for free, the reliable and efficient ones cost money to keep on using. Though the prices are not high, the overall money spent annually on the networks can be helpful in other areas. It does not make sense to use cash while you have another option at hand. Using different VPNs that free provide poor services to users, and there is a potential risk of having your information leak. With the Internet advancements, you do not have to spend money securing your websites and passwords.

Slow Connection Speeds

The reliability of an Internet connection is highly dependent on the connection speeds. Quality Internet connections have appropriate connection speeds, which is vital for careers and businesses that utilize Internet connections to operate. Connecting to a Virtual Private Network will slow down your connection to the Internet. The VPN does the operations in hiding your identity, and keeping your information safe interferes with the connectivity to the Internet, causing you to browse at low speeds.

High Data Consumption

Using a Virtual Private Network will increase the amount of data you are using for your connection. As mentioned earlier, the VPN you use interferes with the Internet connection. The interference of the network to the Internet is through the increase of the bandwidth utilized. With a high bandwidth in the connection, data consumption will drastically increase.  

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No Protection against Phishing or Malware

Most people who use VPNs tend to think that they are invisible online because they do not understand the limitations of Virtual Private Networks. Though VPNs may be a solution for eve droppers, it does not offer complete protection from attacks. Virtual Private Networks are not reliable for keeping you safe from harmful malware and engineered phishing attacks. Some VPNs provide such security but are limited, with most VPNs not providing security features against malware and phishing.  


Virtual Private Networks have come with many advantages. The many cons that arise from using the networks make the functionality of these networks unreliable. It does not make sense for you to spend money, consume more data and experience slow connections to keep your browser information safe. With the advancements of websites where people use HTTPS:// rather than the old school HTTP://, there has been a significant improvement in the security of these websites. Rather than using Virtual Private Networks, consider visiting secure websites to save on money, data and time through a fast connection and less data consumption.     

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