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Today, due to scientists’ research, we know that sustainability can no longer be a hobby. It is a necessity, and we have to try our best to adhere to the principles of sustainability in our daily lives. Of course, restoring ecosystems and improving energy efficiency sounds like a colossal task beyond the power of one person. However, in this case, you can grow where you were planted and start small.

You can help small businesses and the environment by choosing a more ethical way to shop. Reduce the amount of meat you eat, do not use plastic and other disposable bags, do not forget to unplug appliances that you are not using. These things affect the environment, but we don’t have to endure hardships or strain too hard to get used to doing them.

Farmers need more agricultural land to feed their growing population. However, technology is evolving. Instead of deforestation for agricultural land, we are offered to increase the productivity of fields. For example, farmers can use cloud-free NDVI for better monitoring and crop care.

Modern technology is helping us to embark on the path of sustainability. There are many apps you can use to be more sustainable every day. In this piece, you will learn about such applications.

Apps Helping to Be More Sustainable

EOS Crop Monitoring

Crop Monitoring is a free mobile scouting app, an application to the agro-platform for field management. The app is designed for agribusiness participants: farm owners, agronomists, insurance companies, and consultants.

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A free mobile application to a satellite-driven digital platform for farmers, insurers, input suppliers, advisors, and others involved in agribusiness. The platform is a perfect tool for managing fields in a sustainable way, allowing users to allocate resources, such as seeds, water, and fertilizers, more efficiently.

Scouts can use the mobile app while in the fields to snap photos of the problem areas and infected or damaged plants, adding these photos to their online reports. It is very easy for the owner of a Crop Monitoring account to create a scouting task and assign an expert for a proper field check. Maps can be downloaded and used offline containing precisely pin-pointed locations of problem areas, based on recent satellite images of the field. You can monitor crop performance by selecting one of several vegetation indices and applying them to the map.

The application allows for a more effective planning of field activities thanks to a hyperlocal 14-day weather forecast and historical data on crop’s growth stages, vegetation index fluctuations, accumulated and daily precipitation, and more. It will notify you about high-level threats detected in your fields, including fungi, pests, and weeds. All the data collected by the scout offline will be automatically saved to the account once the app is back online.

EOS Crop Monitoring connects you to your fields wherever you are. EOS Crop Monitoring bridges the gap between you and your crops, detecting change in their performance, and always keeping you up to date.


The fashion industry has a significant impact on the environment, and it will take a lot of effort to fix it. However, you can make your wardrobe more sustainable with the ThredUp app. This application is a platform for buying and selling clothes, accessories, and more. Here you can buy and sell anything from vintage to Kate Spade branded bags. You can also donate your clothes through the app. If you don’t like that blue shirt anymore, you don’t have to throw it away, leaving it to decompose for 2-40 years (depending on the material). Give it a new life in another person’s wardrobe.

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Everyone today knows that plastic is an evil that pollutes the planet and must be avoided. The production and combustion of plastic carry with it massive emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Our weapons in the fight against plastic bags are fabric shoppers, baskets, and other convenient accessories, and as for plastic bottles, you can use all variants of reusable containers. The TAP app will tell you where to fill your refillable bottle with water. The Tap Refill Station network includes cafes, restaurants, drinking fountains, and other drinking water locations. The app contains the nearest points with drinking water, routes, and all information about the water.

Apps Helping To Monitor the Climate Change

Chasing Ice

This app, combined with a documentary by James Balag, demonstrates the permissive impact of climate change on Arctic glaciers. The film “Chasing Ice” by this naturalist photographer has received many awards. In the Chasing Ice application, you can watch photos and videos showing glaciers at different times. Accordingly, you can see how fast they are melting and how global climate change contributes to this.

Earth Now

This app from NASA presents us with a 3D model of the Earth. Users have access to data on the level of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and ozone, atmospheric temperature, and sea-level fluctuations. That is, you can observe the consequences of climate change and human activities. The data are provided from the Aqua and Terra satellite platforms and measure land, water, and air conditions.

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The Episcopal Church’s Wayfarer app is a kind of iPad magazine with video stories. In the first issue, you will learn about the Inupiat village, located in Alaska. This settlement is threatened by massive flooding due to erosion of the coastline. In 2012, a dam was built there, but its shelf life will not exceed 15 years, which means that nothing will protect these people. Therefore, they plan to leave their places of residence. In a documentary video, they will talk about how global climate change is changing their lives.


iHurricane is one of the more popular hurricane tracking tools. It’s a free app, but it comes with in-app purchases. You can get additional features such as Push and interactive maps that track multiple hurricanes at once for an additional fee. In any case, you will have the latest data on hurricane movements, wind speed, and the latest coordinates of active storm data. You can also find patterns by analyzing historical satellite data.

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