The global pandemic and the rediscovery of authentic intimacy

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The effects of the global pandemic, over the past year and a half, have profoundly influenced the daily lives of millions of people, pushing many individuals to devote themselves more insistently to to their own well-being, in search of authentic and unforgettable experiences. In the tranquility of their own homes, during the long months of lockdown, many people have learned to know the real meaning of intimacy, that is all those activities and pastimes to be lived in close contact with the truest and deepest part of one’s being. 

With the progressive reopening of these months, despite some fears due to the onset of the new variants, people have begun to seek even in the outside world that extraordinary feeling of intimacy that they have come to know so well between 2020 and 2021, and that has pushed them to give a new value to the experiences they live day by day. 

The new value of experiences 

What has changed, in addition to our perception of reality, is the value of the experiences we want to have. At the moment, people seem to be looking more and more to live unique, unforgettable and extremely intense moments, capable of imprinting themselves deeply in their memory. After whole months of suffering and forced seclusion, people seem to feel a great desire to experience something really meaningful that affects them personally, involving the innermost parts of the personality. When going out to restaurants, movies, or even an entire vacation, people are looking for immersive and rewarding experiences that make them feel special, like VIPs. During the pandemic, the most successful apps were those that revolved around the person and their needs.   

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It is certainly not a coincidence that many companies, in proposing offers or exclusive packages for their customers, have decided to bet with great confidence on special treatments, emphasizing as much as possible the value of the experience that is being offered to people. In the era of global pandemic, people want to feel pampered, gratified, through the enjoyment of intense and extremely personalized experiences, full of exciting surprises. Personalization is in fact an essential aspect of the experience: having been conceived to satisfy the tastes and needs of certain categories of individuals, extremely specific, people will perceive it as a proposal of great value, as a true celebrity, without ever questioning its usefulness for their personal enrichment. 

True VIP experiences

In some of Europe’s best cities, many companies and organizations are offering VIP experiences in a limousine, with free open bar and other exciting amenities, in addition to VIP list entry into some of the city’s most popular venues. In Venice, special tours have been created on board luxurious motoryachts, capable of offering unforgettable moments, worthy of a true Hollywood star. 

Even the world of sport is learning to familiarize itself with the uniqueness of these experiences: on the occasion of an event such as the Tour de France, for example, some VIP packages were proposed that allowed their users to live a unique experience, with the possibility of meeting the cyclists and having access to all areas of the route, including the start and finish lines, all through a totalizing and all-encompassing immersion in the cycling universe of the Tour de France. Even football, with its VIP packages to be consumed directly at the stadium, through events or gala dinners, is moving more and more decisively in that direction. 

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In the world of online betting and casinos, there are exclusive VIP experiences aimed at specific categories of users, such as Arab players, with the possibility of enjoying attractive bonuses, special treatments and even all-inclusive holidays and invitations to parties and events reserved for a limited number of people.   

Again, the goal is always the same: to tailor packages to the individual, with the goal of making them feel special through a dream experience they will never forget. After extremely complicated months, between forced closures and limitations, and with the persistent ghost of Covid-19 constantly around the corner, people are looking for intense moments that are able to involve them emotionally, through activities or experiences to be lived alone or in company, for a few moments or for entire weeks, but always keeping in close contact with those feelings and emotions rooted in the depths of the soul, those that make our hearts beat and make us feel unique. 

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