Sports Technology: 4 Exciting Things to Try in 2021:

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Sports technology has evolved so much over the last few years. Athletes are performing at the highest level and much of it has to do with technology. Whether it’s new advances in equipment, training, or installations, technology is penetrating every aspect of sports. It’s helping coaches make better decisions, athletes improve their games, and more people to participate. Let’s take a look at a few exciting things to try in sports technology in 2021.

VR and AR:

This could be the year we see VR and AR hit the mainstream when it comes to sport. Olympic athletes have been using VR for years, but the tools they had were out of reach for the average buyer. However, today, most people can get a decent headset for a few hundred dollars, and we can expect these prices to go down even further.

Another beautiful thing about VR and AR is that they allow athletes to keep practicing their craft from home. VR could be used to train athletes in one-on-one combat sports like fencing or boxing, for instance. In addition to these, the US ski team has been using the technology to train their athletes for the last winter Olympics. With more affordable options available today, the technology will be available to athletes who may not have had the same budget before.

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Advances in Golf Simulation

While VR is set to revolutionize the world of golf as well, it is in the simulator space that we should see the most interest this year. You can now get yourself a professional and realistic golf simulator for a few thousand dollars that will fit in virtually any room. There is an increasing number of choices on the market right now for all budgets. This is another great option for those who want to brush up on their skills from the comfort of their home.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain and tokenization will also profoundly affect the sports world this year. If you didn’t know, Bitcoin is having the biggest rally in its history since late 2017, and it has pushed the blockchain to the forefront. One of the ways tokens are currently used is by fan clubs. Certain clubs allow fans to earn coins through various activities and redeem these coins for merchandise or experiences. Tokens can also be exchanged on the open market with other fans.

OTT Channels:

OTT or over-the-top broadcasting is when a publisher delivers content directly to their viewers. This means that you can choose to subscribe to matches from your team and your team only instead of having to subscribe to a sports channel. Another way that OTT can benefit sports is for those who may not have as strong a following or budget. These days, you can find OTT channels for everything from tag, to foosball, or even cornhole. This could allow sports that didn’t get attention a chance to shine and gain a larger audience. 

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These OTT channels are usually accessible through apps, but many are broadcasting through services like Roku that allow anyone with the box or the app installed on their TV to watch their channel. This could be a breakthrough not only for obscure sports, but smaller leagues that aren’t getting the press they need to take off as well. This could also give teams in emerging markets that do not have the infrastructure the chance to get broadcasted to thousands of households easily.

These are all fun technologies in the world of sports to try in 2021. They are set to change the way we consume and practice sports, and the nature of sports as well.

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