Online Entertainment During the Covid-19 Pandemic:

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The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the betting industry. Therefore, many bettors are at a loss and do not know whether to bet on sports. Bookmakers like are forced to adjust to the lack of sporting events in the world. They have to introduce new activities related to sports and not at all related to sports. Events concern politics, show business, currency, weather and so on.

Some bookmakers deliberately surprise betters. Here are some fun bets to make:

  • whether Godzilla will be noticed in China;
  • whether scientific evidence for the existence of God will be published;
  • whether the fact of the extinction of Dinosaurs due to the coronavirus will be proven;
  • whether Ozzy Osbourne will bite off the bat’s head again;
  • whether “coronavirus” will receive the status of the main word of 2020.
  • It is worth noting the fact that such bookmaker bets do not bring direct benefits. They serve to attract the attention of players as the marketing ploy.

    How not to lose money on bets

    During the quarantine, many bettors are concerned about maintaining the integrity of their bankroll. Indeed, during the global crisis, it is especially pity to lose money. It is a common phenomenon when a player doesn’t make a profit, but constantly drains and raises. Many in such a situation choose the wrong strategy and begin to make even more bets in order to return their daily minus. This way you can lose your entire bankroll.

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    To minimize financial risks, it is recommended, firstly, to use promotional codes from bookmakers, and secondly, to set the bet size to a maximum of 5% of the bankroll. Based on this, it will be possible to bet only on 20 events at a time. Do not rush and make all the bets in one day. This significantly increases the volatility indicator and, accordingly, the risk of losing everything. Of course, it is unlikely that all 20 bets will fail, but 15 of them may well.

    It is best to make 5 bets a day. So it will be possible to gain profit over long distances, from a week or more. In addition, this is additional income during quarantine. The sports sphere after quarantine, as many experts say, will recover for a long time. Therefore, those analysis algorithms that were used earlier may turn out to be ineffective. In view of this, it is worth listening to the cappers who make professional sports predictions. They are experienced in the field, therefore, their analysis is always deep and rational. Conclusions will help you make the right decision and not lose your bet.

    Do bookmakers now give bonuses

    Bookmaker companies, despite the quarantine, are trying to function as before. Of course, the traffic of their resources has dropped dramatically. Therefore, today they are trying in every possible way to return the bettors.

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    In view of this, no one canceled the bonuses. All such types are also available:

    • Free bet — the player is given the opportunity to place a bet at the expense of the bookmaker’s funds. If she plays, the winnings are credited to his account, if not, then he loses absolutely nothing;
    • First deposit bonus — after registration and replenishment of the deposit, a certain amount is credited to the player’s bonus account. Usually it is expressed as a percentage and is a certain percentage of the amount of the deposit. The money received must be won back.

    Before activating any of the bonuses, you must carefully read the terms of its use. Some of them require the fulfillment of certain conditions and have a limited duration.

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