How to Fix SD Card Corrupted Problems?

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When you talk about storing photos, the first thing that hits your mind has to be SD cards. SD cards have become a popular way of storing photos on android phones as well as DSLR cameras. But if you have a problem with the SD card, it’s a situation that has to be solved immediately. In this article, we will be taking a look at how to fix the SD card corrupted problem. We will be giving you guys the steps to fix this problem and we’ll also be talking about what causes this issue. 

Reasons Which Cause SD card Damage:

Before getting into the actual steps to fix the issue, let’s get into the reasons which lead to your SD card being damaged or corrupted. 

  • A corrupted SD card file system plays a major role in the SD card corrupted issues. 
  • Any physical damage that might have occurred to the SD card result in damage to the internal data of the SD card. 
  • If you were not patient enough through the SD card memory ejection, it might slowly root to SD card damage. 
  • If you tend to use the same SD card on a range of different devices, it causes damage to the SD card. 
  • Viruses can also be a cause of SD card damage or corrupted issues. 
  • While transferring files, if you take out the micro SD card from the device, that might result in SD card corrupted issues. 
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No matter what you are using, a camera or smartphone, many different situations result in a damage to the micro SD card. A damage in the SD card might also result in the loss of all the data you have stored on it. Just for a quick fix, try switching off your device whether it is a smartphone or camera and then take out the micro SD card and put it back in after a few minutes. If this doesnt fix the problem, we have a comprehensive way of fixing the issue which will be discussed below. But if the method works, backup all the data you have stored in the SD card and then format it. 

How to fix SD Card Corrupted Problem? 

We are going to be showing you guys quite a few methods to fix SD card corrupted problems. If one method doesnt work, the other will. 

Try Assigning New Drive Letter:

  • Open the disk management section and then look for the SD card option. 
  • Give the SD card option a right click. 
  • Click on the change drive letter and paths option. 
  • When you have applied the changes, restart your device and connect the SD card, the problem should be resolved. 

Use a command prompt

  • Start by connecting the damaged or corrupted SD card to your computer.
  • Click on This PC or My computer. 
  • Locate the SD card under devices and drives and make sure you note down the drive letter. 
  • Its time to run the prompt and type in “chkdsk h: /r”, where “h” is your drives letter. 
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The reason behind typing the chkdsk command is because this command searches for what’s wrong and tries to fix the issue. When the scanning process is done, connect your micro SD card to the computer again and the corrupted SD card issue should be solved. 

Try disabling your SD card:

  • The first thing you should do is obviously connecting the micro SD card to your computer. 
  • Find and go to the Device manager section and find the SD card option. 
  • Now, right-click on the option reading SD card and then click on the Disable option. 
  • Just let it settle down for a few minutes and then click on the enable option.
  • In order to be able to see the changes, you may have to restart your computer. 

These were all of the methods we’ve got for you and we also hope that you found the article helpful. 

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