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We can never talk enough about the web professions! They are certainly numerous, but some are more remarkable than others. These include, among other things, professions related to web development and website design. The year 2019 is marked by innovations in the web which are visible through better designed and easier to access sites. What are the 2019 trends in web development & design?
Innovative web design

Innovative web design

Each year, innovations are made in the field of web design. Cliqued media Web Design Agency is the best company for Innovative web design Ireland. It offers the opportunity for designers to experiment and try new things. Thus, trends will mark throughout 2020 the world of web design. They are essentially focused on the writing, the structure of the sites, and the language used to develop them. Those are:

  • Fonts are now written in bold to better guide readers and impact the reading of a text. It is often the main titles which are put in bold to deliver information more quickly;
  • color is used in 2020 by designers to attract the eye and be visually pleasing for Internet users but also to guide them, dark colors starting to take up more and more space;
  • Chat bots which are now essential because they improve customer relations by accelerating and facilitating exchanges;
  • all-video backgrounds to more easily provide relevant visual information to Internet users;
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After many years, it is possible to see a constant trend in web development. Cliqued media Web Design Agency over the past few years has increasingly focused on light and fluid sites. It is important to note that the trend is much more on development for mobile devices.
Between a network of services, artificial intelligence, and low code, the software development landscape is changing. Developers too, willingly or by force. From a software development perspective, 2020 should be marked by the advancement of business networking, containerized applications, and artificial intelligence (AI), and low-code platforms. Developers, for their part, are gradually moving away from the strict control of the IT department to move more towards business departments, according to forecasts (in paid access) from Forrester Research. Business-oriented developments increase with the progression of customer-driven application deployments, ”said Chris Mines, research director at Forrester in a blog post.
The American research and consultancy firm are delivering the following forecasts to those responsible for application development:
Developers, containers, low code, service mesh, and IA

1. Developers and business departments

In 2020, nearly 33% of developers (compared to 24% this year *) working on the design of internal software applications could report to a business department, rather than the information systems department (CIO) or an IT department, therefore. The trend is supported by the adoption of “low code products”. And by the advancement of “managed services in the cloud that facilitate the integration of serverless architectures and containerized applications,” said Forrester Research.

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2.Kubernetes and cloud consolidation

The adoption of Kubernetes storage solutions is expected to help consolidate the cloud computing platform market. According to Forrester, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), Google Cloud as well as IBM (acquirer of Red Hat), and VMware (with Pivotal) will be favored by those responsible for application development. On the other hand, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, and Alibaba would be left behind as a technical base for the development of native applications for the cloud.

3.Low code, the joker of companies

The low code platforms, which provide a graphical interface and is based on a declarative approach rather than the traditional computer programming, gaining momentum. In 2020, 50% of developers (compared to 37% in 2019) would consider using low code products, including those from Microsoft (Power Platform, Power Apps, Flow, Power BI, etc.).

4.From service mesh to production

Service mesh tools are gaining ground, with its leading way. These technologies make it easier to monitor and control communications between micro service applications. In 2020, production deployments are expected to progress “through further integration with the runtime environment,” according to the research firm.

5.AI-based applications

“Artificial intelligence (AI) -based testing will take a higher place on the developer agenda,” from preproduction and postproduction, Forrester said. And this is part of the continued deployment of software.

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