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To attract and retain the attention of visitors, you need to use a modern website design. You will have a lot to choose from in 2020-2021, because modern websites look very different. The main thing is to define your target audience and try to guess what exactly your potential customers will like. Given the ever-accelerating pace of life, product design trends emphasize functionality over optical treatment. The main object is that the consumer quickly finds what he is searching. For the sales sector, it is considerable to direct the guests to the order form and encourage them to set about a purchase.

Website tendency

Modern site designs include two main zones:

• You may notice that some tendencies in the recent past, such as deviations, are re-emerging (as dynamical gradients).

• With industry giants Google and Apple supporting straight styling, deepness and coloring can penetrate the concept of minimalism this year.

Increased focus on UX / UI

Since online shopping has already burst in an everyday life, online stores are required what the visitor needs iUX / UI. The main tendencies in eCommerce styling in the near future will one way or another relate to the usability, the simpleness and velocity of its work. The lighter it is for a person to place the item they need, the better.

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Mobile version

We live in an epoch when it is comfortable for humans to approach the Internet using their gadgets, owing to which the growth in mobile traffic, predicted by many experts, has already happened, and in many crucial sides of the planet it has exceeded the volume of conventional traffic. The mobile interface should be as simple and straightforward as possible:

• Large buttons;

• Intuitive menu;

• Ability to quickly order goods without a basket.

Flamboyant colouration and simple shapes

As more brands strive to segregate from the multitude of competitors, the trend towards bright and bold colors in website designs will continue. Such designs look especially beneficial on devices whose screens use In-Plane Switching engineering, due to which flamboyant colouration and courageous solutions look even more spectacular and efficacious. The design itself remains extremely simple. This simpleness is the well-known tendency.

Animated pictures

In order not to slow down the loading of pages, there are proven ways to use this format:

• In the transition between pages and parallax scrolling;

• With the effects of mouse cursor;

• On mobile screens.

Unlike high quality videos, animations will not result in long page load (despite a number of probable utilize happening).

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The centre on mobile first has been a web design tendency for some time, and this dominance of mobile phones (their prevalence over the desktop) intensify, motivating webmasters to work as closely as possible in the development of mobile animations and their all-round development. The illustrations, in turn, may greatly facilitate the task of showing potential customers how to apply the soft – or assistance with an overview of the service’s features.

CSS Grids

This web design tendency indicate to address responsive design issues. Many internet firms have had to make separate versions of their site for mobile and desktop. The webmasters had to set up these resources in such a way that they could independently determine from which device a visitor enters the site, and redirect this person to a version more suitable for his screen.

A smart CSS grid allows you to create many versions of it on the common basis.

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