iOS APP Development: List of Best Tools

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The popularity of the iOS operating system is hidden by none. Apple hosts a big market based on its brand value. With a dynamic user experience, advanced security, and added monetary benefits to businesses, the user base for iOS is increasing by leaps and bounds. The apps created for iOS are highly used word wide. The dynamic iOS platform allows the developers to write high-end codes for making the most unique and flawless applications running on iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

Initially, iOS was intended for small screens, and ios applications were developed using C and C++ programming languages. Today advanced iOS versions mostly support apps written in Objective-C and Swift. The widespread use of swift has enabled iOS app development as an attractive process.

An iOS app’s success depends on the tools used by the developers in creating the application. As a reason, it’s essential for the developers to have an efficient set of tools to create a robust and dynamic iOS application. Here, in this article, we are providing a list of tools that can help iOS application development projects.

The Documentation

Documentation is one of the critical attributes of the initial state of iOS app development.

The Jazzy Tool

It is a command-line utility that can produce Apple-style documentation for Swift and Objective-C. It uses Clang AST representation and Source Kit of your code and comments to generate better and relevant results. This tool can create a standalone website with every paper of code and documentation written in it. The generated simple and clear output can be installed in the very famous Dash documentation viewer.

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The Dash Tool

It is an API Documentation Browser and Code, Snippet Manager. It offers instant offline access to more than 200 API documentation sets. Moreover, one can create their docsets and choose which documentation sets to download. Dash tools can be integrated with various plug-ins and third-party sources. 

It is auto-generated online documentation from the Swift header file. It allows developers to easily browse operators, types, protocols defined internally to the language, hence eliminating the need to command-click around the header files in Xcode. 

The Debugging Tools

It is an important part to identify bugs in the process of iOS App Development. Following the same, it is even more critical to identify the reason behind these bugs. The below mentioned debugging tools are designed to help with this task.

Hyperion Tool

It is a solution for design debugging that can be integrated with any iOS app. This tool is situated under your application so that you can inspect the program whenever you need it. It offers three default plug-ins, the Measurement plug-in to measure the distance between two views, the view inspector to inspect any view, and the Slow Animations plug-in, which allows slowing the animation speed application.

Raygun Tool

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This tool allows you to see the experience of users with your iOS application. It also helps you to manage and monitor errors, crashes, and performance of an iOS application. This tool is an SDK that offers an online service for in-depth error diagnostics, notifications, smart grouping, and working in accordance with the current tools. The moment errors are diagnosed, they are reflected on the dashboard with the detailed reports. In simple terms, the Raygun tool helps you monitor user interaction with your iOS applications and track the issues users face within individual sessions.

The Backend Services

Clients always want developers to add some unique and extra functionalities like push notifications and share data with a server in their iOS applications. We are mentioning some tools that can prove helpful in doing the same.


It is an open-source platform for hosting, building, and managing applications. It is hosted on AWS and supports queries, optimizers, auto-scaling, smart database index, and automated back-ups. Parse enables you to save the objects in the cloud with just a few lines of code. This platform provides a wide range of features that help you to make and manage backend development faster. 


It can act as your server, datastore, and API at the same time. There is no need to write a backend code with Firebase, as this solution enables you to store and sync data over all your clients in real-time. Firebase updates the application whenever the data changes. Moreover, if you are working offline on Firebase, it will synchronize all the data once it regains connectivity.

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To sum up, dynamic tools are an essential aspect while building any iOS application. Here, in this article, we have talked about how tools like Jazzy, Dash, Parse, Hyperion, etc., help in application development. Hence, to get a dynamic, robust, and error-free application built, it is advisable to hire an iOS app development company that can help achieve an appropriate and timed delivery of a project.

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