What Types Of Speakers Are There?

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This article is about showing you the different types of speakers. In the following, you will therefore find a detailed overview of the different types of boxes. Because now there are a multitude of devices for almost every purpose. The classic speakers for the living room or for the car are just two of many other examples.

The 2-way loudspeaker

This loudspeaker variant is by far the simplest or most minimalist model. For this reason, these types can often be found in the lower price category. For many users, however, these boxes are usually sufficient. If you are looking for a cheap solution for your PC boxes or similar, you should think about buying these best studio monitor speakers under 100. As a rule, these loudspeaker combinations consist of a tweeter and a woofer. However, these devices have been seen rarely lately. This is mainly due to the fact that the two-way boxes have been available for many years.

The 3-way loudspeaker

Especially the newer models in the loudspeaker area are equipped with three ways. This of course has the advantage that even discerning music lovers get their money’s worth. A 3-way loudspeaker box has a tweeter, a woofer and a midrange driver. This means that all frequencies are optimally transmitted. A crossover is also responsible for ensuring that the assignment of the correct frequencies works smoothly. Incidentally, this type of speaker is also included in some car hi-fi subwoofers.

THX speakers

This term is also used every now and then when buying speakers. But what exactly does the abbreviation THX stand for? Basically, THX are an audio seal of approval, which is intended to offer a first-class experience, especially when enjoying films and music. Some factors are guaranteed by the manufacturer. For example, maximum distortion is promised, with which a clean and detailed sound is made possible even at high levels. In addition, the frequency response should be almost linear so as not to falsify the reproduction. Furthermore, THX loudspeakers should enable very high, yet distortion-free levels for authentic reproduction. That is a similar performance to that in the cinemas. It is also crucial that the three speakers are structurally identical and also completely identical in terms of sound. That has the advantage,

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WLAN speakers

With WLAN speakers, it is basically about using your own WLAN network for playback in order to avoid the unpleasant tangled cables. This eliminates the need for cabling during setup, as you connect the boxes to your wireless router

Another advantage here is that you can use a so-called NAS server to conveniently store your films and music on network storage. In the next step you can now access these media with the WiFi speakers and play them comfortably. It is also possible to couple several loudspeakers together in different rooms. So you have the option of playing a song throughout the house at the same time. We can recommend WiFi speakers if you want to save money on laying cables and avoid unnecessary cable clutter.

Bluetooth speaker

The advantageous Bluetooth technology also enables you to transfer data wirelessly and thus avoids wiring the speakers. In addition, these models are usually very light, handy and can be taken anywhere without major problems. Especially if you travel a lot or want to listen to music in nature, Bluetooth speakers are definitely worth buying. Thanks to the integrated batteries, you can listen to your favorite songs for hours on the go. The sound is now at a very high level too, considering how small these portable speakers are.

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Active speakers

What exactly is behind the term “active loudspeakers”? Well, the difference to the passive speaker variants is that the active models also have an integrated amplifier. The passive boxes have no built-in amplifier. The advantage of active speakers is that you can fine-tune the settings of the device and thus regulate the bass intensity, etc. The frequency response deviations can also be corrected with some existing filters. In addition, these types of loudspeakers are usually quite cheap to buy, as there are no expensive cables.

Wireless loudspeaker

Just like the WLAN speakers, these wireless versions are also ideal for equipping your own home theater. This is because these boxes also offer wireless data transmission. This works by means of a radio connection, which enables solid, wireless transmission over up to 100 meters. For example, so-called PLL technology is often used for these models. In terms of price, these wireless loudspeakers are quite cheap and offer a good way of supplying the entire house with sound without cables.

Floor standing speakers

Cinema fans in particular will certainly have come into contact with this term at some point. The floor standing speakers are most often used in home theater systems and on the one hand enable a visually appealing way to provide the living room with sound and also offer you the option of setting up and configuring the speakers individually

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These systems often consist of so-called 4-way loudspeakers, subwoofers and a few mid-range speakers and tweeters. The clear advantage of such Hi-Fi systems is that you can use an incredible number of connection types and the sound is really unique. Of course you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket with these speaker variants, but it’s definitely worth it.

Loudspeaker systems

We clarified the term 5.1 above. With the 7.1 system, you should really use a very large room as a home theater; otherwise the two additional speakers won’t really come into their own. Your willingness to experiment is required here, as you cannot say 100% where the additional boxes should best be positioned. It is best to first arrange five of the seven speakers correctly and then try to find a suitable place for the other two devices. In any case, one thing is certain: there are currently only a limited number of Blue Ray films that are equipped with eight soundtracks.

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