An Online 8 Ball pool guide to boosting your game

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The online 8 ball pool is highly accessible and easy to learn. The game is designed for everyone who enjoys playing billiard games. Unlike the traditional 8 ball pool game, you don’t need to understand the technique of holding the cue stick properly. There’s no need to feel nervous about running the pool table cover when you’re in the middle of an intense game. Furthermore, the virtual game provides you with ample opportunities to learn the rules and perfect your game before partaking in multiplayer battles and tournaments.

If you’re ready to download 8 ball pool game and enter the virtual world of billiards, here’s everything you need to know.

First, know the game’s rules 

No matter what game you are about to play, it is crucial to learn the rules. Knowing and understanding the rules will keep you from making unnecessary mistakes. Before you start playing 8 ball pool, these are the must-know rules you need to keep in mind:

  • Each 8 ball pool player gets their individual pool table, and opponents don’t play on the same table. 
  • The game’s ultimate aim is to pot all the object balls, including the 8-ball, within three minutes. You don’t have to follow any sequence when pocketing the balls. You can pot all object balls anytime during the game, including the 8-ball.
  • Each player is awarded three lives during the game. If you lose all three, the game ends. To avoid losing a life, you must pocket an object ball in every shot.
  • You’ll lose a life if you accidentally pocket the cue ball.
  • Unlike regular pool games, you don’t have the liberty to place the cue ball in any desired position. If you have potted the cue ball, it automatically goes back to the head string or head sport.
  • The game ends if the player loses all three lives, the timer ends or if they pocket all the balls.
  • The final score decides the game’s winner.
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Second, the scoring system 

When you’re playing multiplayer 8 ball pool and competing for big rewards, it is essential to learn the game’s scoring system by heart. 

The object balls are numbered from 2 through to 12, and initially, the pockets on the table show a multiplier of 10x. After taking your first shot, the multiplier for the pockets will change to 1x, 2x, 3x, etc. The pocket multipliers rotate clockwise after you’ve taken your shot. You need to watch out for the pocket with the maximum multiplier and try to pot the ball on that pocket to score more. After you’ve pocketed the 8-ball, the multiplier rotation happens three times. 

The final score is calculated by adding the timer bonus and the total shot points. When you pot an object ball, the scores are calculated as the number of the ball X pocket multiplier. For example, if you pocket a number 6 ball in the 10x multiplier pocket, your score will be 6X10 = 60. 

Players who pot all the object balls before the timer is over get a timer bonus. 

Third, the game’s controls 

The touch control settings of the 8 ball pool game are impressive and effortless to learn. When you play the game, your screen will display a force bar. You can adjust the strike force on the cue stick on the force bar by tapping and dragging it. You can move the cue stick quickly by tapping and dragging or touching and dragging. 

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Moreover, the game integrates side spin, top spin, and bottom spin. 

Fourth, pro gaming tips to get you started 

To become the ultimate 8 ball pool master, you have to play as many practice games as you can. The practice games offer a seamless gaming experience and include all the elements of a multiplayer battle, except the rewards. The more you play these free games, the more you can ace the spins and accurately aim your shots. 

Additionally, these tips should help you to improve your game effortlessly. 

  • Follow the thin line appearing on your game screen after you line up the cue ball 

To help you aim your shots accurately, online 8 ball pool games display a thin line when your cue ball is lined with the ball you are targeting. The line shows the direction in which the ball will move forward. If you cannot understand the thin line, you can grab a piece of paper to extend the aim. 

Aiming your cue ball is essential because you will lose a life if you fail to pocket an object ball or if you accidentally pocket the cue ball. 

  • Play every day to practice shooting faster 

The three-minute timer is a challenge. Therefore, you need to practice aiming and shooting faster to score more than your opponent. Even though there isn’t a timer for every shot, playing as many shots as possible before the timer stops is crucial. 

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You also need to take a few seconds to plan your shots after each shot. 

  • Use spins properly

It is tricky to comprehend the ball spin, but you’ll have a tough time beating your opponent without using them. To become a fantastic 8 ball pool player, you need to master spin. For example, a backspin is necessary when playing a tricky shot like shooting an object ball close to the pocket. 


To sum up, the online 8 ball pool game is one of the most entertaining and convenient ways to fulfill your desire to play a cue sport without leaving your home. You can even win big rewards and cash prizes by participating in tournaments and contests. Download and fully embrace the love you have for 8 ball pool games. 

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