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There are a lot of solutions for publishing photos on the internet, but the truth is that when we are in some really memorable and relevant moment, we record much more than we publish and, finally, we end up with amazing records that are never posted.

In addition to this issue, it is clear that video publications generate more engagement , so if you want to carry out some dissemination action, marketing campaign, or just impact as many people as possible, it is important that you have a video piece.

If you don’t know how to turn your photos into videos, we’ve listed below some practical tips that will help you with this question, check it out:

Use a specific tool

When transforming a compilation of records into an animated piece, it is important to have a specific solution for creating video with photos , such as online video editing tools which are accessible all the time from all devices..

A tool aimed at creating videos from photos and having all the resources you need, it also excluded applications aimed at other purposes, making its use more practical and intuitive.

Choose a soundtrack

Background music is important for any type of video, as it is an element responsible for generating the correct emotion for the piece, in videos with photos, where the images are static, this element is even more important because it is of a point to generate more concentration.

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It is worth noting that, if you want to publish the video on your social networks to generate engagement , or on video platforms, just be careful to use a song that is free of copyright, so you avoid your post getting deleted, or be demonetized.

be creative in assembling

When editing, it is important to be creative, as this is a video and not a slideshow. An interesting strategy is to use the trail as a basis to choose the order and also the speed that the images will be shown.

You can also count on a series of interesting features, such as assemblies, effects, transitions and a series of possibilities, depending exclusively on your creativity and the tool chosen to edit the file.

Explore the possibilities of the format

When it comes to creating video with photos, it is usual to immediately think of a compilation with records of a memorable moment, such as a party, trip or even a retrospective, but there are other possibilities that should also be explored.

Use the tool to create videos with photos to make invitations to an event, remember past commemorative dates, publicize a project and even publish tips and tutorials with step-by-step explanations, which are not lacking in possibilities for the format.

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Now that you have some tips for creating video from a compilation of photos, just put them into practice to make use of the content didactics and even generate more engagement on social media.

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