Mobile Responsiveness and Online Marketing

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With so many people using their laptops, tablets, phones and such to go online multiple times a day, more than ever before websites need to be accessible by mobile devices. When more than 50 percent of people accessing websites online are using such devices it is a big loss in visitors when they are unable to access yours. It is important when you are looking at designing a website that you consider having a mobile responsive website, Ireland.

What happens if your website is not mobile responsive?

If you already have a website and it is not mobile responsive that means people using their phones, pads and tablets and such they will find it hard to use your site. So they are most likely going to give up trying to use your site and move to one of your competitors who do have a mobile responsive site. Users will have to do a lot of scrolling, zooming and will find it hard to click on the links. Since over 50% of internet users are now doing it from mobile devices that is a lot of potential visitors and customers you are losing. If you are spending money on web design, make sure it is a mobile web design, Ireland or where you are.

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Help your business do better

When you have a mobile responsive website Ireland, it means that your site recognises when a device accessing it is a mobile one and adapts the sites so that it is easier to view, use and navigate. When you look at your site using an iPhone it does not look the same as when you use your home computer, for example. There is coding involved so that everything gets scaled down to fit the smaller screens and text is repositioned. As well as not losing traffic when you have a mobile responsive site, it tends to do better in its search engine rankings as Google will detect it and if the person searching is on a mobile device they rank websites higher if they are mobile responsive.

Don’t forget social media too

As well as the importance of SEO and mobile responsive web design you should also think very carefully about your social media marketing. When you search for a business online you are likely to see not just their websites but their social media pages too. When your social media pages are visible to Google they make them visible to people searching keywords related to you. This gives you more chances of people clicking on your site and becoming a customer.

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Mobile web design Ireland is not something to underestimate. People are not all accessing the internet from home on their computers or work. It is important when you invest in having a good online presence that it is one everyone can use whatever device they search from. Talk to your web designers about your needs and make sure they understand that mobile responsiveness is important to you and your goals.

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