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The social media competition has reached its peak. Few months ago, yahoo 360 was offering a social plate forum for everyone. New applications, blogging websites and social networks are being introduced and each new platform is offering better features than the previous ones, thereby reducing their market and in some unfortunate cases leading to the shutdown.

Something similar happened to yahoo! 360 and yahoo!  avatar, that used to be popular social blogging platforms back in the days. Both these yahoo platforms were easy to operate, anybody could make their customized profile and start posting blogs.

But nothing everything’s meant to last forever and so these unfortunate sites were shut down, Yahoo! 360 on 13 July, 2009 and Yahoo! avatar on April 1,2013.

Introduction to Yahoo 360:

yahoo 360 avatars

Similar to networking websites, we use today like twitter, Facebook, snap-chat etc. Yahoo! 360 also gave its users a platform where they could interact with people of similar taste, add friends, uploading photos and publish blogs.

It was brought into the industry as a competitor of MSN, although it made its mark in some parts of the world like Vietnam, but it wasn’t able to succeed in the U.S. and therefore had to be officially shut down.

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Why was Yahoo 360 shut down?

As mentioned above, Yahoo! 360 wasn’t able to attract enough customers and so had to be closed down. In 2007, two years before shutdown, Yahoo also abandoned support for it.

yahoo 360 shutdown

According to a study by Tech-crunch article, Yahoo! 360 lost 51 percent of its users from September 2006 to September 2007, in contrast to this Facebook gained 30.6 million while Yahoo! 360 only has 2.8 million users, clearly explaining the reason of its shutdown.

What was Yahoo! Avatar?

Yahoo was the first ever website to introduce the idea of making avatars. The purpose of this application was to bring a creative and fun effect to Yahoo! 360. Your personal avatar could then be used either as a profile picture for Yahoo! 360 or for any other platform. With this tool, users could transform their original pictures into cartoon versions, by changing clothes, hair color, facial features and other aspects.

The images obtained from Yahoo! avatar could then be used as profile picture for Facebook and twitter, etc. These avatars made Yahoo! 360 a little more fun and exciting.

Why was Yahoo! Avatar shut down?

Although Yahoo! avatar existed for some years even after the shutdown of yahoo! 360 and it was a unique feature of Yahoo family, but it didn’t have enough market and so the company decided to shut it down.

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If you still have the passion for blogging and want to continue working on this, then we have listed out for you some of the websites where you can pursue your passion.

It is a popular blogging platform, ideal for people who focus more on writing the content instead of social networking. You can set up your blogging profile, publish free blogs and give it a desired layout as well.


Tumblr is the top most popular and commonly used blogging platform. It became part of Yahoo! In 2013 and since then it has gained customers from all around the globe. A mobile app is also available, making it easier who blogging lovers to publish their content, along with posting their photos, videos and GIFs.


It is another blogging website far more popular than Tumblr and WordPress and holds its position in the market. This platform allows you to communicate with people of same interests. Like you can follow each other, comment and like each other’s posts and also get a chance to be featured. The quality of content that gets featured there is very unique.

Alternatives for Yahoo! Avatar:

You can download many fun and creative mobile apps where you can make your own customized cartoon characters and use them further as profile pictures or just save them for fun. Some of them are listed below:



You can use this application to create stickers and emojis, that would express your emotions. Mobile apps for both android and iOS are available for free. You can easily download them and make your emojis which can later be used either on snapchat, messenger or just as a profile picture or any other social media platform.


This application allows its user to create 3D avatars. You can make it dance, sing, act or any other physical activity. This application is also available for android and Ios.

Avatar Maker:

This simple app lets you make avatars for free. Just download it on either android or iOS and start making your avatars, you can also change their hair,eye color, dress and other  features. Once you’re done, download your character and share it online.

For every application that has been shut down its alternative is now present in the market. If your favorite application gets closed due to some unfortunate reasons its better to start adopting those alternatives.

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