6 Tips On How To Complete College Homework On Time

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The favorite time for our mind to wander around is when we have to complete our homework. Don’t we agree?

I used to be so lazy with this task that I always wanted someone to help me do my homework.

Soon, I realized I needed to be my own knight in shining armor. Instead of putting my work off till midnight, I started looking for ways to complete my college homework on time.

Here I will share a few tips that I came across that you can use to your advantage.

1. Make a List of Tasks and Time Needed

This may seem like cliché advice to give someone but trust me when I say, it helps a lot!

List down everything you need to complete and estimate time for each task. This should include self-quiz for English subject to re-reading Science notes.

How do you estimate time?

Well, as Parkinson’s Law says, “Work will take as long as you plan to expand it”.  Therefore, it is better that you trim 5-10 minutes although you still need to be realistic.

Writing down 20 minutes for Maths assignment does not mean you will magically become a speed reader!

2. Grab Everything You Need

I used to hate sitting down for work and realizing I had missed out on getting my glasses. Make sure you have everything you need in your reach!

This means all the gear you need for homework including laptop, assignment sheets, books, pencils, and even a bottle of water if you need it.

3. Turn Off Those Beeps

One notification on the mobile phone is often enough to waste your good 10 minutes. Scrolling down Instagram, isn’t that addictive? That is why I would suggest you put those blings and beeps on silent.

Such devices make it impossible to focus. It is best to switch off phones and tablets at least until you are done with important tasks.

Pro-Tip! I used to leave my phone in another room intentionally. This, coupled with the fact that I was too lazy to move, made sure it stayed out of my hands.

4. Don’t Slide Off The Task

This can easily happen when you are doing research on the internet and bam! Suddenly you have opened Facebook or started playing a game online.

Next time, you should try to note down the information you need and gather it all in one session instead of opening the browser multiple times.

5. Reward Yourself With Breaks

Just because you need to complete the homework on time does not mean you can’t take breaks in-between. After all, a long stretch of study session will do you more harm than good.

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One time when I had to do my science homework, I came across something known as a “Tech Break”. It meant that instead of wasting time on useless tasks, you can spend it reading about something interesting. Other then that you can take help from homeworkfor.me as well.

6. Don’t Forget To Pamper Yourself!

Finishing your homework early is an achievement you must be rewarded for. It is okay to set a bait for yourself that will motivate you to stay on task.

Who knows if you start following these tips, maybe you will catch up some extra time for Netflix tomorrow! Best of Luck.

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