Why HR Departments prefer technology for traditional background checks

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Most Australians applying for a new job pin all their hopes on writing a brilliant CV detailing their academic achievements and work experience, which is all very good, although recruiting agents tend to place more and more emphasis on personality. Finding the right person for a particular work environment, someone to fit in with the company culture is seen just as important, if not more, than finding someone with a stellar resume. This includes having a look at a candidate’s past and their criminal record, to screen for potential trouble-makers.

Fortunately, technology has made the life of an HR manager much easier than it was only a couple of decades ago.

Why are background checks important?

With most job applicants, a police check is just a formality, but HR managers still need to make sure that the new recruit is not a thief, fraudster or sexual offender. The nice lady applying for a secretarial position is most probably a decent person with an unblemished criminal history, but you just cannot take the risk of employing someone and giving them access to sensitive information without bothering to do a background check.

Why use an online background check?

The last thing HR employees want is more bureaucracy to handle. They have enough as it is.

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One of the main reasons Australian businesses are increasingly relying on national police checks is that nowadays it’s far easier to order one than it was even ten years ago.

For the traditional criminal history check people had to go to the police station, wait in line, fill in endless forms to get a simple background check. Then, they had to wait two or three weeks to get their police clearance. A lot of hassle and time wasted for just one document.

Today you can get a criminal history check online by using the services of an online agency like the following link for Australian National Character Check (ANCC) – https://www.australiannationalcharactercheck.com.au (a service provider based in Australia). It only takes a couple of minutes to fill in the online form and upload a selfie. You can do it on your computer, tablet or phone, there’s no need to go anywhere or wait in line.

The best part is that you get your police check sent back via email in a couple of days.

If you’ve never used online character check agencies before, you need to know that they are approved with the Australian Criminal Commission. As such, they have access to police databases in all Australian states and territories. They’ll run a job applicant’s name through all the databases at their disposal and they’ll be able to discover any offence committed anywhere in the country.

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Bottom line, the criminal history check they perform is just as good as one ordered at the local police station.

The whole hiring process has gradually moved online and this type of background checks integrates seamlessly with modern solutions. Candidates send their Cvs online and software tools sift through the resumes to find the best qualified applicants.

Experts recommend companies to narrow down the list before ordering background checks. There’s no need to submit a candidate to a police check if they have little chance of getting hired.

Wrap Up

Once you have the results, it’s just one document to save to the candidate’s file. No additional paperwork, no time wasted, no fuss. A few clicks are all it takes to keep your business and your personnel safe. 

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