What ERP Services Does NetSuite Provide?

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Small businesses need all the tech they can get to compete with corporations. Indeed, smaller companies also have smaller budgets, but one of the great things about technology is it levels the playing field for up-and-coming establishments. However, it’s not necessarily about having the most technology—indeed, it’s more about using the right tech to maximize business processes and best practices.

So, what’s the right tech for growing small businesses? According to many of the top startups and companies in the tech industry, it’s Oracle Netsuite. Netsuite is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform that’s helped many small businesses take their operations to the next level. Continue reading this brief article as we cover some ERP services Netsuite provides.

Netsuite ERP


Of course, as an ERP platform, Netsuite offers resource-planning capabilities. However, Netsuite customers can choose from various editions of the ERP software, which contain different modules and advanced features. Indeed, one of the reasons Netsuite ERP pricing is so flexible is the ERP system’s scalability. We’ll cover some of the other editions and modules in the following sections, but for now, we’ll focus on the Netsuite ERP module.

All Netsuite licenses come with its powerful ERP system. Some of the key features of the ERP module are inventory management, order management, financial management, warehouse management, and even global business management. Again, the cost of Netsuite depends on which editions you purchase and the level of support your business requires.

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Netsuite CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is another valuable module that comes standard with all Netsuite editions and modules. The CRM system boasts marketing and SalesForce automation, and it also enables teams to streamline workflows. Furthermore, it offers real-time business intelligence, enabling companies to make quicker and better business decisions.

Financial Management


One of the vital industry-specific services Netsuite offers is financial management. All Netsuite bundles have a financial management tool, but the financial management Netsuite solution is an advanced module for CFOs and finance teams that manage large budgets and financials for other companies.

Supply Chain Management

There’s also an advanced module especially for supply chain management business processes. It’s a great option for distributors who have their own suppliers and whose customers are retail companies. Netsuite gives them the insights they need to tailor their production and distribution channels to demand changes.

Professional Services Automation

Netsuite also offers a professional services package that comes with powerful modules for project management, human resources, and other important business processes. This platform comes with new features for managing payroll, leading marketing campaigns, and other critical functions. It enables small companies to manage administrative processes for various departments using a single platform.


Netsuite is the most comprehensive ERP platform on the market. It provides ERP solutions such as inventory and warehouse management, supply chain management, and accounting tasks like payroll and financial planning. Furthermore, you can get industry-specific Netsuite modules for financial management, order management, and professional services mechanization. Not to mention, all modules come with Netsuite implementation and Netsuite’s powerful CRM platform, which offers marketing and SalesForce automation, real-time data analytics, and partner relationship management.

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Now you see why Netsuite is among the most popular ERP software platforms on the market. Indeed, six of the top seven tech stocks in 2019 were Netsuite customers. The key to maximizing your Netsuite experience is to do your due diligence to find the right Netsuite partner. Different vendors offer different levels of support and additional services. Furthermore, shopping around will enable you to get the best price on your Netsuite license and ERP implementation. Now that you see some of what Oracle Netsuite has to offer, the better question is, what services doesn’t Netsuite provide?

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