How Can Your Online Business Benefit From A VPN?

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With almost everything done online, businesses have long shifted to providing services and selling products through the internet. But though it is essential, the internet can also be a dangerous tool in several aspects. For one, data breaches are occurring more often. That’s why being security conscious nowadays is immensely important. 

However, most companies who are doing business online are entirely unprepared for breaches. They don’t realize that a breach of their business’ data over the internet could cost them a lot. To reduce the risk of being attacked by cybercrimes of any kind, business owners must be proactive by adding more layers of security to their data and transactions.  

Fortunately, there are now tools that can keep online businesses protected from data breaches, and one of them is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology. It has been widely used in both private and business settings. But to learn more about it, we’ve highlighted how your online business can benefit from a VPN.

Enhances Data Security

Your Internet Service provider assigns your device a numerical label that serves as your internet protocol (IP) address. It allows your device to send and receive information. Basically, your device needs an IP address when sending emails, looking up information, or making any transaction online.

Depending on your location, your IP address may change. If you or your employees use the WIFI in coffee shops to get your email, you’re using the IP address assigned by the coffee shops’ Internet provider. Although this IP address won’t reveal sensitive information, hackers can use it against you.

A hacker who has your IP address can get access to your device and steal valuable information by trying any port to brute-force a connection. But with a VPN connection, your IP address can be hidden even in public Internet infrastructure. With that, you can better protect your business’s data and transactions online. 

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Allows Remote Access

Every time you use the internet, there is always a risk of attackers blocking the data being transported through different network connections. It’s not a threat when you’re connecting to your business’s internal network. But it would be risky if you or a remote worker needs to access the company’s data using work laptops with a Wi-Fi network from a coffee shop or at home. 

With a VPN, the data that goes between a user and a web server can be encrypted. Thus, any prying eyes who intercept the data can only see a scrambled mess of characters. Your company’s data will then be safe even when you’re accessing it from a remote location. The consumer’s credit card name will also be protected when they use it to shop on your website.

Provides Access Control

Aside from allowing remote access, a VPN can also provide access control. It means that you can limit who can access your business’s data by allowing specific IP addresses to your servers, databases, and others. Thus, it would be much more difficult for hackers to break in when you control who gets to access your business network.  

Bypass Geo-Blocking

Digital marketing is essential for online business. In order to advance your business in the field, you would have to market your products or services. The problem is you may not be able to directly access some websites that support your business operations. Thus, it can limit your digital marketing strategy. 

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But using a VPN can help you go a long way in marketing your product. Because it can obscure your IP address location, you can bypass geo-blocking and connect to the websites where you’re marketing your offerings. 

Protects Online Financial Transactions

Besides masking your real IP address, VPN connections can allow you to make financial transactions wholly secured through encryption and strong protocols. You might be paying salaries to your employees or clearing your vendors’ bills through an online financial service. Most likely, your customers will also make online payments for your services. 

The only way you can protect the financial transactions of your business is through a VPN. You can ensure that every online payment made in your business is protected with strong encryption and security protocols.


Every online business owner’s responsibility is to make sure their users and data are safe and secure. And a VPN service would be an excellent security tool, especially if your business doesn’t have a huge tech budget. When purchased using a business licensing plan, you can get a VPN service for as low as $10 per month. 

At an affordable amount, your business can connect easily and securely no matter where you are. You can also save costs associated with long-distance phone calls. But more than that, you can minimize the risks of attackers breaking into your business’s data, which could cost you a lot more. 

How Can You Find A Reliable VPN?

Although VPNs are beneficial in terms of security, not all of them are secure to use. In this day and age, where VPN services are available almost everywhere, finding a reliable one can be a lot harder.

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Choosing a VPN isn’t going to be easy, but you can do the following tips to find one that can give you full security. 

Beware of Free VPN

You might be able to find a free VPN service. Although it can be an attractive offer, it can actually cost you a lot. According to a study, many free VPN apps fail to provide even a basic level of privacy and security to users. If you don’t want to put your business’s privacy and security at risk, beware of free VPN apps or services. 

Use Professional Sources

There are many recommendations you can find anywhere. You might even look at the best VPNs on different articles online. But as much as possible, use only professional sources when looking for a recommendation. Guides online would be helpful as long as the sources came from professional ones. 

Consider A Double VPN

If you want a reliable VPN service, a double VPN might be worth considering. With double VPN connections, you have a second layer of security because every data sent and received is encrypted twice. Thus, a double VPN makes it twice as hard for hackers to break into your server. 


Data privacy and security are very much essential for every online business. While it’s cheaper to rely on free online security tools, they might not be as reliable as the premium. Thus, online business owners must invest in high-quality security tools to protect the business itself and its customers. 

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