The choice of Smart Bands

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With the opening of the market for smart bands, smart bands of different styles and models make us dazzled. How to choose smart bands has become a problem.


1. Pay attention to the material and color of the wristband
The first thing we see when we look at the smart band is its color. It is the most important first impression. The materialaffects the comfort of the smart band. Considering the practicability of the smartband, waterproof materials such as leather can prolong the service time of the intelligent band.It does not seem easy to leave stains. Most of the wristbands of smart bands can be replaced. We can match beautiful wristbands according to our preferences.

2. Pay attention to the size and thickness of the fuselage
There are many styles of smart bands. There are some differences in the size of the display screen. A larger screen has a good appearance and stronger usability of functions. But a larger screen will restrict people’s wrist movements.The weight of the corresponding intelligent band will become a burden

3. Pay attention to the function of intelligent band
Different smart bands have various functions.Some focus on sports, such as HUAWEI band 5 pro. It makes sports to the extreme and supports the monitoring of nine different sports. However, for people who do not exercise, these functions areredundant. It is practical to have some functions such as playing music, preventing sedentary alarm clocks, and waking people up.

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4. Pay Attention to Battery Life
There are two kinds of smartbands: battery type and charging type. You should equip the charging type with a charging base or charging data cable. The battery-type intelligent band is troublesome. You can use it for several months after replacing the battery. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. Users can choose according to their own conditions.

5. Pay attention to waterproof and dustproof
Smart bands are different from ordinary electronic devices. In many cases, people willwear them. Many people think that waterproof and dustproof have nothing to do with smart bands. But in most cases, accidents will leave you no time to react. For example, when washing hands, it is not convenient to take them off. So, waterproof and dustproof arefactors that should be taken into account in the selection.

6. Be careful to match those device
Smart bands are different. The brands are different and the software it supports is different. People are attracted by a certain smart band because of its appearance and function. When they buy it home, they find that they cannot match their mobile phones. We must first check the adaptation equipment of the smart band when purchasing it.


The selection of smart bands should not be limited to brand and price. The smart bands that are suitable for one’s living habits are the best smart bands.

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