Top Real Estate Apps to Use Now

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The real estate business proves a lucrative niche, though, with the competition in this field, you have to do your best to stay ahead of the rest. Modernization and the emergence of tech as a key driver to the global economy can therefore not get ignored in the real estate business. To give yourself an edge and succeed, you have to consider some real estate apps. At college you are tired with writing a paper and this one can be also related to real estate so that don’t miss a chance to check college essays for sale to pass your paper to reliable experts. So what constitutes these apps? Do they prove useful in the current dispensation?

Top and Modern Real Estate Apps to Consider

Real estate agents, both new and accomplished, can find it difficult to free up considerable finances to invest in real estate applications. However, these apps can prove useful in giving you an edge. So, consider the following.

· Propertybase real estate app. You cannot ignore the power of text messaging, call logging, dialer, pipelines, and drip campaigns in 2021. The Propertybase combines salesforce-based CRM and combines it with the MLS integration besides having the brilliant IDX lead-generating sites.

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· Freshchat. The chatbot proves crucial in issuing instance responses to online inquiries, and therefore, can become useful for your customers or would-be clients.  Additionally, it contains the live-chat feature, which can prove instrumental in capturing leads on your site.

· Dotloop. The app increasingly plays a dominant role in the real estate industry as it has replaced the papers and PDFs and replaced it with transaction management, e-sign, and form creation in a single seamless platform.  

· CINC. The app proves instrumental to any real estate agent as it can monitor incoming leads besides acting as a personal concierge. It calls clients, qualifies them, and connects them to your cell without the back and forth of constant texting.  

· Amitree Folio. The app comes in handy for real estate agents, as it attaches to the Gmail account before it automatically organizes documents, transactions, and timelines, which you can also share with clients. It also syncs calendars, loop service providers, and set reminders.

· Realvolve. The app has incredible workflow and automation features that make it a favorite among real estate agents. It proves affordable, simple to use, and simple to scale.

· Buffer. It proves instrumental in taking your user and investment base to the next level, and it can increase your revenue streams.  

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· Hotjar. It proves a top tier and increasingly popular analytics real estate app. The app generates simple and easy-to-digest information from large website data. It can allow you to see what your clients read and click on your site.  

· Zillow Premier Agent App. The app proves useful to agents in their daily operational real estate activities. You can sort leads, manage tasks, and assign leads through the app features.

· Canva. The app provides basic functionalities for free, and these include those with a semblance to the ones you get from Photoshop. It comes as a simple to use and intuitive tool for graphic design with multiple applications such as creating banners, blog images, etc.  

Sure, it’s advisable to consult with real estate agents, but even they, both new and accomplished, find it difficult to free up considerable finances to invest in real estate applications. However, these apps can prove useful in giving you an edge. So, consider the following.


If you want to make it in the real estate industry in the digital age, then it would prove wise to consider the mentioned top apps.

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