Celebrate Your Success By Spoiling Yourself With These Watch Brands

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Milestones are worth celebrating. Life is challenging, but when we get rewarded for hard work done, it is time to celebrate. People go to a beautiful place, buy expensive dresses, get an appliance or, get a luxury watch. Let’s face it; the latter is the only thing that lasts out of those mentioned. Luxury watches also become family heirlooms because their values don’t depreciate. They also become more attractive as they age. Just like fine wine, watches become accessories that are associated with victory and the good life.

2020 Top List of Luxury Watches

There are luxury brands of watches that are either too expensive or just in the value spectrum. These watches are something you probably heard of in commercials. Their names are also known because you’ve seen them in movies and ads on websites. These luxury brands are something to crave because of their elegance and timeless appeal. They have already gained such a reputation to be part of luxury brands. Thus, this means people pay for them, not just for their functions but also for their brand appeal. Below are some of the famous watch brands.

Chopard Mille Miglia

One of Chopard watches’ most famous lines, Chopard Mille Miglia, has already attained a global reputation for its design. This brand is all about vintage Italian sports cars and the romance of leather. When you fuse these qualities with Swiss accuracy in timepiece engineering, you get one of the high-end department’s celebrated watch designs. The brand name comes from the celebrated Swiss Maison. However, the beauty of Italian ruggedness and elegance is too irresistible to pass. So you have this fantastic Chopard Mille Miglia line that will surely be cherished by watch fans for generations.

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Are you searching for something dramatic and fascinating? Here’s a brand known for its jaw-dropping designs. The Jaeger-LeCoultre watch brand has achieved fame since its creation in 1833. The luxury brand continues to draw fascination among watch fans for fashion-forward and a nod to its exciting tradition. For owners of Jaeger-LeCoultre, the watch faces are arresting due to their intricate details and design. Getting promoted to a new job deserves a Jaeger-LeCoultre. It is a brand that is something to be proud of. Its brilliant design is suitable for all occasions. Even if you own many luxury watch brands, getting a Jaeger-LeCoultre is something to crave for. The Jaeger-LeCoultre brand has appeared in many ads and Hollywood films. Getting one is a significant milestone.


You will recognize a Breitling watch right away due to its distinctive aviation design. Speaking of aviation, the luxury brand itself is a big name in aviation and luxury. The luxury watch brand history goes back before WW1. The name can be traced back to 1884. In fact, after its introduction to the watch market, fighter pilots have been zealous fans of this brand.

For this reason, it made its way into collectors of luxury and high-end items. Divers are also fans and enthusiasts of this watch, and now, if you are in the mood to celebrate life’s abundance, then it is time to get yourself a Breitling watch. 

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This brand goes from mid-range to high-end. The famous Japanese brand has served generations of watch lovers around the world. The Seiko brand is the most accessible of the luxury watch brand today. It has an exciting past that goes back to Tokyo, Japan. The year was 1881. Still, it took a few decades to become a global hit, and that’s around 1917. Seiko watches are known for their laidback and minimalist design. The faces are watch faces straightforward. They exhibit authentic Japanese culture. If you want a watch that will stay durable through all seasons, then a Seiko watch is a safe bet for you.


When you think of an Omega watch, you think of strength and power. That is why this luxury brand has always been associated with the British aristocracy, the secret service. The Omega line has appeared in many magazine and tv ads through decades. It has an interesting history that goes back to 1917. This is the time when Britain’s Royal Flying Corps used this watch as part of their combat wear. The next year, American armies followed the trend. This is how this became a transatlantic trend among soldiers and people in the high ranking position. If you think of Omega, you associate the name with strong masculinity, which is all over its design, from the body to the leather strap. Omega is also praised for its simplicity and minimalism. Moreover, if you are celebrating a milestone in life today, then an Omega watch is a perfect gift.

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With all these interesting watches in the market today, it is excellent to start shopping early. Celebrate your achievement with a gift to yourself. It is a hard-earned milestone.

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