When, Where and How to watch Eurovision 2021

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Watching the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest on a Saturday night each year can be the highlight for many, as the musical performances bring a huge amount of entertainment and pleasure to those who view it when it is broadcasted.

With the competition featuring a number of iconic, bizarre, weird and wacky performances from numerous acts from around the continent – and Australia in more recent times, there is plenty to look forward to when the song contest takes place.

Of course, many will also look to take the opportunity of placing a wager on the competition, with many looking to find the best Eurovision betting odds possible when they want to predict the outcome of the contest or place a bet on how many points a nation might receive for their performance.

With the world being an incredibly busy place, here is the best way to make sure you do not miss out on the entertaining night of musical performances!

Viewers in the UK

As has become tradition, viewers in the United Kingdom will be able to watch the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest via the BBC, as the network continues to show the contest in full each and every year that it takes place.

Of course, by being on the BBC, viewers in the UK will not have to pay to watch it, provided they have a valid UK TV licence. Furthermore, those that do not have a TV can also still watch it by using the BBC iPlayer live streaming service that can be found on the internet. Once again, this tool is free, although a valid TV licence is required.

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The 2021 Eurovision Song Contest starts at 8pm GMT and runs for a fair few hours, so it is worth setting up for the night in comfortable clothing, perhaps with a duvet or a blanket and a plethora of different snacks and drinks in order to make the most out of the event.

Viewers in other nations

Of course, viewers in the United Kingdom are not the only ones who have the privilege of being able to watch the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, with a host of broadcasters around Europe and the world all providing viewers with the opportunity to watch the contest.

Those in Australia, for instance, where the contest has continued to grow in appeal with each year and has even seen them be allowed to compete, will be able to watch the musical performances produced on SBS and their on-demand service for those who wish to live stream it. Both of these methods are available for free.

Of course, the time difference is going to be a little bit of a challenge, but those interested in watching it live can start their Sunday’s in the most perfect way possible by getting up at 5am AEST. Of course, those who can wait and watch a recording of it can do so in the evening.

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Viewers in Canada, for example, can also watch the action unfold on OMNI Television. The channel could be seen as perfect for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, though, as it is a specialist channel in providing multicultural events. In addition, the time difference works to their favour, as well, as viewers can sit and watch the contest from 3pm/12pm depending on their location.

Most viewers in Europe will also be able to live stream the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest via YouTube, although they will not be able to get live commentary or on-screen voting details. Countries that are not able to make the most of this service, though, include Australia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Viewers in countries that can not access the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest

Unfortunately, despite the Eurovision Song Contest becoming a truly global event, there are still some locations in the world where the musical event is not broadcasted.

However, there are still a number of ways to live stream the action. As mentioned, the YouTube channel will allow a plethora of different regions to connect and watch, whilst the use of a VPN might come in handy for some.

Many streamers may already know about how a VPN works and how important it can be when trying to live stream certain events, so getting one should be a real thought. Indeed, this piece of technology will allow users to bypass any geo-blocks that have been placed, as a server can be set to show that you are located in a different location to where you actually are.

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For instance, users can look to set themselves as if they are in the UK and then access the BBC services, such as the iPlayer, to watch the very best the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest has to offer!

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