The 5 Mistakes Every YouTuber Makes When They Are Starting Out

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Youtube is a competitive platform, and over the years, there has been a rise in the number of creators, making it their primary source of income. Being successful on Youtube, therefore, is not an easy task, especially for those who are new to the platform.

Mistakes Every You Tuber make

It might take time for your content to get noticed, but showing desperation in the face of low subscribers and engagement will not get you anywhere as a creator with a voice and fan following.

Most new Youtubers end up making these 5 rookie mistakes when they start out, bringing both their credibility and brand value down and creating larger challenges on the way to success!

1. Don’t Spam Other Creators’ Videos.

The Youtube comments section is a whole new genre of entertainment by itself. All of us, at some point in time, have enjoyed reading the comments on a video more than the actual video. This is a guilty pleasure, but we can totally understand why!

Youtube comments are an interesting space, and many people scroll through them to get more information about the video or to engage with other users who have watched a particular piece of content.

Therefore, all of us also know how annoying it is to come across a desperate comment from a random creator asking for subs or views on their video under another video. Not only is this tactless, but it is also not very productive.

In most cases, people will not follow you back or check out your channel. They are most likely going to report or block you for spamming the comment section. 

Moreover, creators who check their comments regularly are also very likely to report on your profile. Needless to say, this is not the best way to gather eyeballs towards your profile.

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Here’s what you can do instead

No one will ever say no to you starting an actual conversation under another video. Find videos that fit into a similar genre as yours and comment under it with your own views. You can even subtly plug in your content here without coming across as someone actively seeking attention.

2. Don’t Be Inconsistent With Your Content.

Youtube is all about putting out great quality content consistently over a certain period of time. But before you start producing your content, you need to find your nichè or at least a genre that you would like to focus on.

For example, you cannot be starting off with gaming video in the first week and then quickly move to a reaction video in the second week. You need to find and build an audience who enjoys what you put out, and for that, you need to stick to a genre.

Moreover, consistency also refers to how much you post on your Youtube channel. Creating videos is not an easy task. It requires time for you to shoot and edit these before you can put them up for your viewers to enjoy.

But if you do not post enough, you will have people unsubscribing to your channel, and you would be rapidly losing your patrons.

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Here’s what you can do instead

You need to be sure of what works best for you. Are you good at comedy? Are you great at gaming? Or are you a brilliant home chef? Once you have narrowed down to your nichè, stick to it, and create great videos based on it and don’t dabble in other genres till you have a loyal following of a few million.

When it comes to posting regularly, you need to create a consistent content plan and stick to it. Plan out your videos beforehand and allocate a certain number of hours every day for you to dedicate to this task.

Where is the Youtube video editor that can help make editing a breeze? Do your research and find the best one that will make your life easiest, and you don’t have to dedicate a whole lot of time to this!

3. Don’t Copy Other Youtubers

There is already so much clutter in the platform, and new Youtubers are often seen picking up content from established creators’ pages and recreating their versions of it.

Let’s face it; subscribers do not want that. Imagine that there is a counterfeit version of a designer outfit available for free, but you can get the original for free as well. Would you still want the counterfeit?

Similarly, if viewers wanted to watch the real deal, they would just visit the original creators’ channels instead of looking at the copycat video that you have been “inspired” to create by them.

Here’s what you can do instead

We know that being yourself in front of a camera does not come naturally to everyone, but all of us are capable of being passionate about something. So, your first step is to choose something that you really like.

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After this, all you have to do is research well, find your niche, and get talking. Be passionate, be authentic, and be confident. The rest of it, including fame and success, will follow!

4. Not Talking About Your Videos on Other Social Media

If you have just started making videos, it is likely that you have very few followers on your Youtube. But you have a good number of friends on Facebook and a decent following on Instagram.

Most of the time, people are too shy to promote their content across platforms, and you lose out on actual people who might be interested in looking at and sharing your content.

Here’s what you can do instead

Make the most of every social media platform! Talk about your Youtube video on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Get your close friends and family to talk about your work and share it with their circles so that you can get the word out.

5. Not Having Good Quality Edits and Sound on Your Videos

Youtube is a visual platform, and what attracts the audience is a great quality video and audio. If your channel lacks one or the other, you might get pushed into oblivion from where you can’t return.

Here’s what you can do instead

You might ask, what is the best free slideshow maker? There are many out there on the internet that would help you create videos that look good! Moreover, you can look at some licensed or royalty-free music services to get great soundtracks for your content.


It is not easy to be famous on Youtube. It takes time, patience, and consistency. Try not to make silly mistakes that set you back and instead, focus on creating content that will get people to look at your channel and hit that subscribe button!

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