The Best Video Editors to Record Screen for Free

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Best Video Editors

The Best Video Editors to Record Screen for Free Surely you have ever thought about recording your screen or transferring your presentations to videos, but you had not found the time to learn this or you thought it was too difficult.

Creating an educational video is not complicated. Recording the PC or mobile screen is a widely used and increasingly common task in the work environment. As simple as making a click and recording and showing what you are doing on your screen to that person you want through a simple link or file that you can later edit.

FOR INSTANCE ”It is not about creating a movie with Hollywood-style animations and special effects, but simply recording our explanation so that it can be viewed by many people as many times as necessary”.

Let’s look at the following video editors for recording your screen.


Camtasia is a popular screen recording programs. Its multiple recording and editing options make it one of the most used today, although also one of the most expensive. Its infinite customizable options make it a perfect editor for recording tutorials and uploading them to YouTube or Vimeo platforms.


  • Image acceleration and slowdown.
  • Upload photos, audio or power point.
  • Effects, transitions and zoom.
  • Inclusion of annotation, arrows and animated opacities when editing the videos.
  • Colors in the mouse pointers.
  • A multitude of audio tracks.
  • Voice narration.
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Platform: Windows and Mac.

Price: Offers a trial version for a limited time. Its price is $ 224


One of the best professional paid video editors for Mac. With great functionalities, this tool offers a multitude of editing options,


  • Animated graphics editing.
  • 360º video editing and viewing with VR glasses.
  • Color gradations.
  • Attractive transactions.
  • Easy to search for fragments in the video.
  • Creation of titles in 2D and 3D.
  • Elimination of background noise.
  • Multi-camera editing with up to 64 video angles.
  • Lighting effects.

Platform: Mac.

Price: € 329.99. It has a free trial version for 30 days.

3) LOOM:

A quick way to record videos in one click, record the screen and save or share on social networks in no time. It is a very good, fast and easy tool to use with one click, and it is free. When using this video editor program, it is included as a browser extension.


  • Screen recording (free for 5 minutes)
  • Camera and/or screen recording.
  • Full or partial screen.
  • Share on networks or download.

Platform: Windows and Mac.

Price: Free


A power soft video editor is a complete tool since you can record your computer screen without limit with this program.

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  • Webcam during screen recording.
  • Sound linkage.
  • Insertion of texts.
  • Colors, notes, icons, shapes.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of formats.

Platform: Windows or Mac.

Price: Free


It is another free tool that you can record your computer screen.


  • Transitions
  • Audio mixer.
  • He bottled to speak.
  • Filters …

Platform: Windows and Mac.

Price: Free


Filmora Video Editor is a video editor program for Windows and Mac. It is well known because it is very easy to use. Its price is affordable. It owns a wide variety of tools that allow you to make original and quality videos, using clips, photos, and music regardless of the level of your editing skills. What makes Filmora different is that it has more than 300 built-in effects such as 2D texts, layers, filters and visual effects that allow you to produce authentic and professional videos. Also, it has a subscription Effects Store that always has new effects to download.


  • Basic Editing: Cut, Trim, Combine, Divide, Fit.
  • Advanced Editing: Camera Shake, Picture-in-Picture, Green Screen, 3D LUT.
  • Creative Effects: Transitions, Titles, Filters, Layers, Motion Graphics.
  • Audio & Music: Voice-over editing, 51 royalty-free songs for personal use, 25 sound effects.
  • Export: Direct upload to YouTube and Vimeo.
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Platform: Windows and Mac.

>> Conclusion

Creating a video does not require spending on expensive software tools or incurring high production costs. I have already introduced you to several video editors to record the screen. Do you use another screenshot editor or do you have a question? You can leave me a comment below with your experience so that others can benefit from it.

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