What is the Cost to Rekey Locks in 2021?

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Whenever you change the place of living or start living in a new house, the most important thing is the security and lock system. Either you bought a new office, or a home, analyzing the locking system is an essential aspect that should be kept in mind. You must wonder who will help you in rekeying locks? 

Locksmiths are the professionals of installing, upgrading, and renewing security and locking systems. As the possession of property changes, essential control is also lost. Moreover, if thieves break down into your home or in case you want to renovate a safety system, you need to take the help of locksmiths. As time progresses, their demand keeps on increasing. A report predicted an increase of 7.06% in jobs annually. 

So, if you are looking for rekeying locks and you want to know the cost to rekey locks; this article is specifically for you. To learn more about trends in locksmiths’ prices in 2021, keep reading. Give it a quick read, so you know the basics trends before hiring a locksmith for rekeying locks.

The Job of a Locksmith

When you have to discuss a locksmith’s role, one thing is crystal clear, they are not confined to limited jobs. They are capable of various tasks like lock repairing, changing, and of course, rekeying locks. At city local, you can get the latest price of locksmiths in 2021. Besides, the complexity and nature of work deviate from the costs. 

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If the task is simple and easy, locksmiths do not charge you much. But when you have to change the locking system, their rates get higher up to $20-50. Rekeying lock price is reasonable because that does not need much time. They charge you based on standard prices.

Pricing Criteria of Locksmiths

Besides making keys of locks, locksmiths know much more than this. If you forget your keys, or someone stole your keys, locksmiths are the best helpers. In case of an emergency, you can contact them, and they’ll be ready to save your time. If you hire locksmiths for some time to perform basic tasks, they charge you accordingly. To upgrade the locking system, you can hire a locksmith. 

Besides, if you have a security threat or install a new system, locksmiths are experts in this job. Furthermore, you are worried about how much does it cost to rekey a lock? This entirely depends on the service you need. They can charge you per hour or on the number of locks. Rekeying is different from replacing. Thus, based on the nature of the lock system, their rates can vary.

Electronic Locking System

Advancement in technology, everyone wants to have the luxury of modern life. If you want to renovate or upgrade a manual or ancient locking system to an electronic or face recognition-based system, its installation cost must be high. From anywhere, the charge cost about 400$ to 1800$. These rates include the installation of a locking system in the entire home. 

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If you have to replace or renew the lock for the front door or a specific area, rates would be less. Modern systems include Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection systems. Moreover, there is the concept of unci-locking, where you need only one key to open all doors. This is safe but unsafe as well because the loss of this single key can be harmful.

You can also contact a locksmith if your vehicle key gets stuck or you’re unable to reopen the locks. Professionals are experts who can tackle every situation to satisfy their customers. They can offer services 24/7, in emergencies, and even odd timings. However, they may charge double for it.

To avoid standing outside late at night, consider getting an electronic lock system. Having an electronic system is the best option for those who always forget their keys. You can hire a company to avail their services, or you can have their customer’s membership so they charge you reasonably.


In short, locksmiths may charge you for their skills rather than hourly services. How quickly they relieve you If you get locked out of the house? They may charge you 150$ for their abilities. Similarly, to reopen the car lock they may change 30-50$.

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The task might or might not be that complex. However, what matters is their experience and skill set. This is what they charge you for. Before hiring the right one, do a thorough search. Make sure to check their license and certifications as well. Therefore, it’s recommendable to always keep a backup option to assist you when in need.

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