IPhone Storage full alert – what to do now?

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IPhone Storage full

IPhone is one of the highest selling phones of all time. This is because of the good quality it provides in terms of user experience and features.

However, it does not mean that iPhone comes without problems. It is frequently countered by bugs and other major problems. One of the annoying problems for users is ‘Storage full alert’. A lot of iPhone users want to know about how to deal with this problem and upload photos to iCloud. Following are some of the major ways in which this issue can be resolved:

Get rid of the unused applications

It is imperative that you get rid of unused applications to make more space. Check the applications that you have downloaded. Then filter out the applications that are not in usage anymore. Delete all applications that you have not been using for a long time. This is perhaps the simplest way in which you can create more space in your iPhone and get rid of storage alert problems.

Get rid of photos and videos not wanted

This is a pretty much undesired option. Very less people want to get rid of their photo and video collection. However, this can make a significant difference. There are many online applications that can be used to figure out the videos and photos that may be deleted. Sometimes, there are many repeated files. Such applications can help filter out such files and therefore, you may delete them to create more space.

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Delete the Safari cache

Just like all other browsers out there, Safari also stores cache. This cache accumulates into larger sizes with the passage of time. It is essential that you free up space in your iPhone by deleting the Safari cache. In fact, it is also reported by users that over 3 to 4 GB cache space is deleted by them. You just have to go to the settings and clear the cache. As soon as it is done, you can resolve the iPhone storage alert problem.

Switch off the iCloud Drive

There are many features in iPhone. One of them is iCloud Drive. It provides the user with access to files from any other iOS device, including Mac. If you want to generate more space on your iPhone, then you can simply switch off the iCloud Storage. This will enable you to get rid of the storage alert problem on a temporary basis.

Make a backup and shift the data

This is one of effective ways to deal with this issue. There are many applications that can be used to copy all the existing data on the iPhone to the computer. Once this has been done, you can safely delete all the data on the iPhone provided that the same is saved on the computer. However, make sure that such data is effectively exported to the computer before you delete it from the iPhone.

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Delete the Facebook application and re-install it

There are many applications, such as Facebook, which builds up cache overtime. This cache is not deleted automatically. Therefore, you will have to take steps in order to get rid of this extra space taken by cache. All you have to do is delete the application. Once this has been done, you should restart the device. There will be a significant difference in the storage. Thereafter, you may reinstall Facebook.

Consult with Apple Support

This should be the last resort. If you have tried all the methods and still are facing storage alert issues, then you must consult with the official Apple Support. They are even officially on Twitter. Therefore, you may choose to tweet and tag them on Twitter informing them that you facing some potential issues with storage. Provided their good track record, they will contact you soon with an effective solution. They are normally very efficient with their responses.

The bottom line

Problems can be pretty much certain when it comes to iPhone. Fortunately, there are always solutions to such problems. Above are some of the major ways which you can try if you ever come across storage alerts.

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