Five Methods to Find And Check IMEI Number on iPhone

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Before you know to how to check IMEI number, you need to know what is an IMEI number. IMEI number is called international mobile equipment Identity number.

Basically, IMEI number is the unique code of every single device such as mobile and satellite phone. The Basic concept of this IMEI number was identifying your device and trying to retrieve if it is stolen or lost by some reason.

A user has a relationship with his own device but there is no permanent relation between the user and IMEI number. This is normally 15 to 16 number digits, it is also called the serial number of your mobile or any other device.

Because of the unique number, you can use this number to block your device and quickly retrieve your cell phone through your mobile network, if it was stolen. You can also use to track down the device and return it to its legal owner.

But, the real question is that how to check IMEI number. There are many different ways to identify your device IMEI number, it depends on what device you have?

This unique code cannot be changed unless you have some special equipment. Your mobile phone company has access to check or identified how making a call from your phone.

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How To Check IMEI Number Of iPhone

In this article, we discuss later how many different ways to check IMEI number of your phone. So you can pick one of them and check your IMEI number.

First Method

  • Open you iPhone Phone App
  • Tap the dialer of your Phone
  • Just enter *#06# on your iPhone keypad, and no need to press green button
  • The IMEI number will appear on the iPhone screen but you can’t copy this number. Remember this 15 or 16 digit code and write down some place.

Second Method

  • You need a magnified glass
  • Turn or flip your iPhone, there is the long number at end of the text written on the back side of your iPhone. Put your magnifier close to the text and check IMEI number.
  • another option is to take the photo of the back side of your iPhone and this will enable you to see this so you can see it easily.

Third Method

  • If you did not find the IMEI number on the back side of your phone then you need a metal spike that came with you iPhone.
  • Remove the sim tray and take out sim card, your desire number will be written on the sim tray very small words.
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Fourth Method

By using your iPhone setting is the best method to check IMEI number because you can copy and paste your IMEI number.

  • Open your iPhone settings
  • Tap on General > About
  • now you can see your required code, hold IMEI number and copy at your desired location, it may be word or notepad.

How To Recover IMEI From iTunes

  • By using USB cable, connect your iPhone to Mac
  • At the top right, click on Devices and choose iPhone
  • Select Summary tab
  • At the top of the box, Click on the phone number. Now it will show IMEI Code. Copy and paste at your desired location where you want.
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